Social Media Management

Social media has revolutionized the way in which we communicate. Recruiters today will Google your first/last name and location and determine by reading your social media whether or not to move forward with the interview process.

Make the Most of your Social Media

Protect Yourself

Keep your privacy settings up. If your name on social media is your real one, be aware that you are searchable and ensure that the content you post will be used to form a picture of your character. Recruiters will look to find inappropriate video content, language, situations and complaints. Ensure that you are positive in your posts about classes, work, coworkers, etc. You may opt to use an alias or disable your personal accounts when job searching.

Connect with Others

Use LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with industry recruiters, follow organizations/companies in which you are interested and have professional conversations. Create a link to personal websites and other examples of your work. Use talking points from your personal commercial to state your online personal brand.

Check out Opportunities

Use hashtags to inform your job hunt and/or post your resume. Post a link to a sample of your work with #resume after it. Get advice on your internship or job search by using hashtags like: #jobadvice; #internship; #jobsearch. Finally, get more specific based on the industry you are seeking, (public relations, sales, teaching, government, etc.) by detailed hashtags like: #printernship; #prjobs; #salesjobs; #internteaching; #governmentjobs, etc.

Network for your Future

Research professional organizations that pertain to industries in which you may work. Connect to the brands you want to work for. Ask questions in forums, groups and build up your professional network. Share things you learned in your courses and ask questions. You never know what online conversation may lead to a great internship or work experience.

Manage your Social Media

Social Media is a great way to build your network and unlock career possibilities you have yet to consider. Think about what you post and are tagged in. Run a check of your social media from time to time to ensure you are making a professional impression. Ask for advice and offer smart opinions. You will be on your way to building great connections.