Student Employment Application Process

Where do I find job postings?

  • BroncoJOBS
  • On-campus department websites
  • Internet search
  • Newspaper ads
  • Networking

How do I apply?

For on-campus positions:

  • All Western Michigan University departments accept the Universal Student Employment Application form. Complete a separate application for each department and position. Some job postings may not require an application form. Some departments may require additional application materials. Several of the larger campus employers (such as libraries, food service, and recreation center) provide their own application. Check department websites for details.
  • Apply directly to the WMU department following the instructions given in the job posting. Some may request a phone call, a mailed or faxed application form, or ask applicants to stop by in person. Many departments post their jobs on their own websites. Use the University Directory to access these websites.
  • You don't need to wait for jobs to be posted on BroncoJOBS to circulate the on-campus application form. Just send the application or visit any department in which you have an interest, and ask the department to keep the application on file.

For off-campus positions:

  • Apply directly to employers following the directions given in each job posting. Most ask for resumes by mail, fax, or e-mail or accept phone calls to indicate interest.
  • For help in creating a resume and cover letter, contact Career and Student Employment Services at (269) 387-2745.
  • When you identify work of immediate interest, take the initiative to contact the employer directly.