Student Employee Definition

Campus employment is intended to support enrolled students as they pursue a degree at the university. Individual units determine their employment needs, job descriptions, and pay rates (within university guidelines). Campus units commit to pay, train, monitor, and supervise student employees. Students are encouraged to work 15 to 20 hours per week in order to balance academic and co-curricular demands. Students may hold multiple campus jobs at the same time, combined weekly hours not to exceed 30.

Student Employee:

  • Enrolled in good standing at least half time throughout the semester(s) and/or session(s) of employment
  • Half-time undergraduate: 6 hours fall or spring, 3 hours summer I or II
  • Half-time graduate: 3 hours fall or spring, 2 hours summer I or II
  • Possess proper U.S. employment eligibility documentation (i.e. social security number or similar)
  • Can work up to 30 hours per week, between multiple jobs
  • Students employed in AFSCME staffed operations can work an average bi-weekly pay period of 20 or less hours per week, in accordance with the regulations set forth in article 1.1.3 of the 2009-2012 AFSCME / WMU Agreement.

*Students working part time at the university or college where they are pursuing a course of study are exempt from Social Security and Medicare (FICA) tax on those wages. View IRS guidelines.

International Student Employee:

  • Meets the definition of a student employee (above)
  • Works a maximum of 20 hours per week during mandatory periods, due to immigration regulations
  • Works a maximum of 30 hours per week during official break period
  • Is not eligible to receive federal work-study funding.

Questions concerning international student eligibility can be directed to WMU Immigration Services.

Non-enrolled student employee (only valid summer I and II):

Meets the definition of a student employee (above) in the prior spring semester (study abroad or internship for credit is considered enrollment).

  • Not enrolled for the current session(s), but eligible to enroll in upcoming fall semester
  • If graduated, must be accepted in a WMU degree program in the upcoming fall semester
  • Responsible for FICA taxes, or Social Security and Medicare (an additional 7.65%)
  • Costs the employing department(s) FICA taxes (additional 7.65%)
  • An international student may work when under-enrolled (less than half time) if authorized for a reduced course load by International Admissions and Services
  • For international students work authorization ends upon transfer-out, SEVIS termination, or completion of studies.