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Transportation Research Center for Livable Communities

Inaugural Meeting

Even though the weather did not cooperate eventually the tables filled to capacity for the Transportation Research Center for Livable Communities (TRCLC) inaugural meeting which was held on March 12 at the Fetzer Center on WMU’s main campus. The event was moderated by Robert Miller, Associate Vice President of Community Outreach. Speaking at the event was President John Dunn of WMU, Provost Tim Greene of WMU, Michael Kapp MDOT Office of Economic Development Administrator, Osama Abudayyeh CEAS Associate Dean for Research, and Jun-Seok Oh TRCLC Director.

There were two guest speakers at the event as well, Mr. Paul Wojciechowski, Senior Associate at ALTA Planning and Design presented on “Transforming communities and Getting Back to Basics”. Mr. Charlie Zegeer, Associate director for Engineering and Planning at the University of North Carolina presented on “Pedestrian Safety Around the World”.

The message from the meeting was that the TRCLC is not only a tremendous opportunity for WMU students and faculty but for all of Michigan and beyond. The center  will be a point of pride for the university and will provide opportunities for learning and education, discovery and knowledge, and global engagement and benefit. These opportunities combined reflect the Mission and Vision of Western Michigan University. Many WMU relationships were involved and worked collaboratively to make the center happen. It could be viewed that transportation is the gateway to a successful economy and now the TRCLC will be working to improve the nation’s critical transportation challenges. TRCLC is funded by a 1.4 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation that was awarded in September of 2013 to WMU. Visit  Transportation Research Center for Livable Communities  for more information.


L-R: Charlie Zegeer, Paul Wokciechowski, Dr. Jun-Seok Oh, and Dr. Dan Lytinski WMU Vice President of Research