Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student Bonnie VanderWal

Photo of Bonnie VanderWal.

Admit year



Grand Rapids, Mich.


Mary Z. Anderson

Research interests

  • Workshops and programs for healing racism
  • Exploring personal growth with counselors in training in a group context
  • Attitudes towards and issues related to LGB people

Professional experiences in the program

I’ve most appreciated the opportunity to serve as a student rep for our training committee where I could interact with faculty in another context such as in addressing program matters and in making admissions decisions. I’ve also used “field experience” credits to train in the counseling center at Albion college, perform assessments in our Grand Rapids training clinic, lead groups for our Master’s level students and assist in our counseling techniques courses.

Post-graduation plans

My primary goal is to work in a college or university counseling center although I’m still tempted by the idea of private practice or teaching.