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Past Faculty

Emeriti are an important group of former professors who have left the University after a period of distinguished service and have been awarded Emeritus status.

The department recognizes the contribution that these individuals have made to the academic integrity of the University and to the advancement and development of WMU as a center for distinguished scholarship in teaching and research.

Julie Aldrich-Henderleiter (left WMU 2002)

Robert Anderson - Emeritus (retired 4/1989, deceased, 3/2002)

Donald Berndt - Emeritus (retired 12/1996)

Donald Brown - Emeritus (retired 4/1995)

Brian Buffin (left WMU 2006)

Susan Burns (deceased, 10/1999)

John Chateauneuf (deceased, 6/2011)

Dean Cooke - Emeritus (retired 12/1995; deceased, 8/2011)

Michael Dziewatkoski (left WMU 1999)

J. Lindsley Foote - Emeritus (retired 12/1990)

Herb Fynewever (left WMU for Calvin, 2009)

Robert Harmon - Emeritus (retired 4/1996; deceased,)

Paul Holkeboer - Emeritus (retired 4/1988; deceased, 5/2002)

Thomas Houser - Emeritus (retired 12/1994)

James Howell - Emeritus (retired 12/2000; deceased, 11/2013)

Donald Iffland - Emeritus (retired 4/1984)

Joseph Kanamueller - Emeritus (retired 12/1999)

Dongil Lee (left WMU for Korea, 2008)

Yi-Ping Liu (left WMU for industry, 5/2001)

George Lowry - Emeritus (retired 12/1993)

Jay Means (left WMU 2007)

Mike McCarville - Emeritus (retired 12/2000)

Subra Muralidharan (left WMU 2007)

Robert Nagler - Emeritus (retired 4/1986)

Marc Perkovic (deceased 4/2006)

Ralph Steinhaus - Emeritus (retired 12/2001)

Jochanen Stenesh - Emeritus (retired 4/1991)

Dale Warren - Emeritus (retired 4/1996; deceased,)