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Environmental Chemistry - Graduate Courses

Environmental chemistry description

  1. CHEM 6370 - Aquatic Chemistry - 3 hrs.
    This course will examine the physical and chemical processes that control the chemical composition of natural waters systems including lakes, rivers, estuaries, oceans and groundwater. It will examine what effects pertinent factors like pH, Eh, temperature, and salinity have on these processes, and how these processes control the fate of a pollutant when it enters a natural water system. This course requires a knowledge of basic physical chemistry.
    Prerequisites: CHEM 430 or equivalent.

  2. CHEM 6380- Surfaces in the environment - 3 hrs.
    This course will examine the physical and analytical chemistry of environmentally important interfaces. Topics will include: dry deposition, heterogeneous catalysis and surface photochemistry in the atmosphere; surface phenomena in liquid-gas exchange; and soil binding of pollutants.
    Prerequisites: MATH 123, CHEM 431, 431 or equivalent. (Math 230 recommended).

  3. CHEM 6540 -Environmental Influences on Biomolecules- 3 hrs.
    An examination of how environmental factors influence biomolecule expression, stability and function.
    Prerequisites: CHEM 550, 554.

  4. CHEM 6550 - Environmental Carcinogenesis - 3 hrs.
    The effect of environmental agents such as ultraviolet light, ozone, components of cigarette smoke and auto emissions on human health will be discussed with an emphasis on the biochemical interaction of these agents with DNA and how DNA repair enzymes act to protect organisms from the harmful effects of these agents.
    Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.

  5. CHEM 6670 - Atmospheric Chemistry - 3 hrs.
    An examination of the fundamental physical and chemical processes in the lower and middle atmosphere. Relationships with biogeochemical cycles will be investigated and issues of human influence will be discussed.
    Prerequisites: CHEM 361, 431.

  6. CHEM 6680 - Environmental Organic Chemistry - 3 hrs.
    An examination of how environmental fate of organic compounds are influenced both by the physical and chemical properties of those compounds, and by the phases occurring in environmental compartments. A focus is placed on aquatic systems.
    Prerequisites: CHEM 361, 431.

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