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All students must meet regularly with advisors during posted hours to ensure they have met all graduation requirements. It is each student's responsibility to schedule appointments in a timely manner to meet graduation deadlines in the academic calendar. See Major/Minor options in the Undergraduate Catalog and course offerings for a specific term.

Some students get errors trying to register for classes even though they have satisfied prerequisites. The following procedure should eliminate most issues.

1) find the CHEM lecture you want to take and NOTE the CRN on a piece of paper
2) find the CHEM lab section you want to take and NOTE the CRN as well
3) go to your drop/adds and scroll to "ADD TO WORKSHEET" and put BOTH CRNS in and save them at the same time

*** If the course is FULL or you are still getting errors,
please fill out the enrollment request ***

Need help enrolling in a Class??
Complete an on-line Enrollment Request form (link at left).
Send email for additional questions.
Request Form for Repeat Enrollment

Undergraduate advising

(undergraduate course descriptions)

College of Arts and Sciences majors

Secondary Education Chemistry majors

Graduate advising

(graduate course descriptions)

Masters and doctoral students are to meet with the graduate advisor for their advising requirements.

Chemistry advisors

Make an advising appointment

(Chemistry Advising Appointments are held in 2220 Chemistry Building)

Student looking through microscope Undergraduate: Graduate:

Current and incoming students

Students majoring in chemistry are encouraged, but not required, to minor in physics, mathematics, or biology.

Requirements of Chemistry majors/minors:


Students who plan to attend graduate school in chemistry are discouraged from taking courses under the credit-no credit option. Students who fail to earn a grade of C or better in CHEM 1120/1130, 3750/3760, and 4300 must not enroll in courses requiring these classes as prerequisites.

Chemistry placement

To ensure that students possess adequate skills in chemistry, they must have had one year of high school chemistry and have taken Math 1110 or placed in a higher course, before enrolling in CHEM 1100. Students who do not meet these criteria must enroll in CHEM 1000 to build up their background in chemistry. Students who have taken high school chemistry but not taken Math 1110 must only take Math 1110.


U of M website that lists transfer equivalencies for all universities.