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Back-up Care

What is back-up care?

Sometimes you need child care outside of your normal arrangements. The Children’s Place Learning Center offers back-up care for just those circumstances. Examples of those times might be:

How does back-up care work?

Complete the application and pay the annual registration fee. Once your child is registered, you can call the center for back-up care during those times when you need a little extra child care.

You must contact the center prior to care to ensure adequate space is available for your child.

Back-up care is always based on the back-up rate schedule and the hours you request.

How do I pay for back-up care?

You will have an account set up with WMU. All charges will be on this account. If you are a WMU student, charges will be on your student account. Faculty, staff and students can pay online or at Bronco Express. All others can pay at Bronco Express or by mail.

All prior back-up charges must be paid to reserve additional back-up care.

How do I get my child registered?

Complete and check the back-up care box on the application on our website or stop in the center to pick one up.

Return the application with the required documentation of immunizations and physical.

We will set up your account and send you information regarding accessing the account and paying the registration fee.

What does back-up care cost?

Our rates are $8.50 per hour.

Other information

Pre-registration is required.

Please allow 2-3 days to set up your back-up account. Rarely is it possible to register for back-up care on the same day care is needed.

The annual registration fee is $45 per child or $75 per family.

What back-up care is not

Back-up care is not a drop-off service. Your child must be pre-registered to utilize bck-up care. Please call the center prior to expecting child care to ensure adequate space for your child.