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School Age Program

Before and After School Care

Before and after school care is available for children Kindergarten through age 9. The Children’s Place Learning Center does not provide transportation to and from school. Kalamazoo Public Schools will provide transportation from some schools in the area. Please contact Kalamazoo Public School Transportation for more information.

Campus Kids Summer Program

Campus Kids logo art

Campus Kids is a great summertime program for school-aged children featuring themed weeks, special topics, weekly field trips and more. This is a terrific opportunity to bring your children to WMU, and to keep them actively learning while having fun!

Theme weeks:

June 9 - 13, 2014
Painter’s Paradise
Prepare to get messy this week as we use unique painting techniques to create masterpieces. Flyswatters, pendulums, and spaghetti are just a few of the fun tools we’ll use to paint with.
June 16 - 20
Kids in the Kitchen
Let’s get cooking during a week filled with kid-friendly food creations. Simple food selections may include kabobs, cookies, pudding, muffins and more!
June 23 - 27
Heroes and Superheroes
Have you ever wanted Superhero powers? This week we’ll look at our inner superhero. Pick your superpower. We’ll also learn about what makes someone a hero. Who’s your hero?
June 30 - July 4
Commotion in the Ocean
Go under the sea to investigate what happens below the surface. Find out about some of the unique creatures that reside there through pictures, stories, games and crafts.
July 7 - 11
The Great Wall of China
Did you know the Great Wall of China can be seen from space? We’ll learn interesting facts about China. Taste the cuisine, learn about the art and maybe even learn a few words in Chinese.
July 14 - 18
Wonderful World of Sports
Calling all sports fans! Come learn about new sports and play some of your favorites. You might even be the next Abner Doubleday and invent the next US favorite pastime.
July 21 - 25
Storm Chasers
Let’s learn about the weather. What makes a rainbow? How can we shelter from the storm? We’ll learn about what causes the weather and how to stay safe.
July 28 - Aug. 1
Art Hop
Engage your creative side this week. Learn to paint, sculpt, and many more art mediums. At the end of the week, come to our Art Hop.
Aug. 4 - 8
Folktales, Fairy Tales and Myths
Have you ever wondered why the bat flies at night? Or the story of lightning and thunder? We’ll learn the answers as we explore fairy tales, folklore and myths from around the world.
Aug. 11 - 15
Around the World in 5 Days
Come on a trip around the world. We’ll explore different countries and cultures through crafts, games, stories and food. No passport required!
Aug. 18 - 22
Goin’ Green
Save the planet! Hug a tree! We’re going to learn about how to be nicer to the planet we live on. We will recycle, but maybe not always the way you think. Check out our recycled art exhibit.
Aug. 25 - 29
Beach Blanket Bingo
We’ll end the summer with a beach party without the beach. Bring your suit and towel ‘cause you’re going to get wet this week.


Rates for the summer program are the same as preschool rates.

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Registration fee:
A $45/child ($75/family) registration fee is required for first-time children, or for children gone from the center over one year.

How to register:

Fill out a Campus Kids registration form

Call 387-2277

Or register in person at
WMU Children’s Place Learning Center