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School Age Program

Before and After School Care

Before and after school care is available for children Kindergarten through age 12. The Children’s Place Learning Center does not provide transportation to and from school. Kalamazoo Public Schools will provide transportation from some schools in the area. Please contact Kalamazoo Public School Transportation for more information.

Campus Kids Summer Program

Campus Kids is a great summertime program for school-aged children featuring themed weeks, special topics, weekly field trips and more. This is a terrific opportunity to bring your children to WMU, and to keep them actively learning while having fun!

2016 theme weeks
June 13-17 Musical Madness
This week is sure to be a cacophony of delight. We’ll make musical instruments and create our very own Children’s Place band.
June 20–24 Down on the Farm
Learn about how we get the food we eat. Plant a garden of vegetables. Later in the summer we can eat them. Explore how other parts of the world get their food too.
June 27–July 1 Lights, Camera, Action
Here’s your chance to become a super star. Whatever your talent, this will be the week to show it off. Our focus will not only be music, but all the arts. Explore a variety of musical styles, art media and even some theatrics. Make a movie and we’ll have an Oscars party to end the week.
July 5–8 Time Machine
Get ready for a quick trip through time. In our time machine, we may end up in the age of dinosaurs or sometime in the future. Only our imagination (and maybe history) will reign
us in.
July 11–15 Mysteries of the Museum
Museums hold the secrets of the past: An artifact of an ancient civilization or a famous painting. We’ll explore the secrets and mysteries of museums. Maybe even start our own museum.
July 18–22 H20, Aqua, Water
Don’t forget your swimsuit and towel this week. We are playing every water game we can think of. And when we take a break from getting wet, we’ll play with water; making ocean scenes, bubbles and seashell creations.
July 25–29 It's Electric
Let’s go green this week as we learn about alternative power sources. We’ll explore solar, wind and electric.
Aug 1–5 Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Start the week off with a trip to a Growlers game. Learn about baseball’s history and how it’s changed through the years. What other sports do you want to learn?
Aug. 8–12 There's a Chef in My World
Get ready for a quick trip around the world. We will survey many countries by learning about their foods. We’ll also take the time to explore what kids do for fun and a little of their culture. Bring your cooking apron for this tasty week.
Aug. 15–19 Discover the Caribbean
Grab your tickets and beachwear, we’re going on a cruise. Destination: Caribbean. Discover all the Caribbean has to offer, including pirates and treasure maps. Of course, we’ll enjoy the beaches too.
Aug. 22–26 Detectives and Explorers
Put on your slueth’s hat and get ready for a week of mystery and adventure. We’ll explore campus in our quest for new adventures. Along the way, there will be a few mysteries to solve.
Aug. 29–Sept. 3 Fun in the Sun
What’s summer without some time at the beach? Bring your swimsuit and towel because we’re getting wet this week. We’ll play in the sprinkler, play some beach volleyball and have some snow cones to cool off.


Rates for the summer program are the same as preschool rates.

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Registration fee:
A $45/child ($75/family) registration fee is required for first-time children, or for children gone from the center over one year.

How to register:

Fill out a Campus Kids online registration form

Call 387-2277

Or register in person at
WMU Children’s Place Learning Center