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School Age Program

Before and After School Care

Before and after school care is available for children Kindergarten through age 9. The Children’s Place Learning Center does not provide transportation to and from school. Kalamazoo Public Schools will provide transportation from some schools in the area. Please contact Kalamazoo Public School Transportation for more information.

Campus Kids Summer Program

Campus Kids logo art

Campus Kids is a great summertime program for school-aged children featuring themed weeks, special topics, weekly field trips and more. This is a terrific opportunity to bring your children to WMU, and to keep them actively learning while having fun!

2015 theme weeks:

June 8 - 12
Out of this World
This will be a way out week. What would it be like to live in space? Or maybe on another planet or solar system. Our imaginations will be the ticket to a trip into space like you’ve never seen before.
June 15 - 19
Bugging Out
Don’t let this week bug you. Become an entomologist as we study bugs and all the creepy, crawly things we can find.
June 22 - 26
Children’s Place Food Network
Love to cook? Join us this week as we learn our way around the kitchen. Try new foods that you help prepare. Who knows, you might be the next Food Network Star.
June 29 - July 3
High in the Sky
We’re soaring through the sky this week as we explore all things that fly. Learn how a hot air balloon works. Experiment with flight through paper airplanes.
July 6 - 10
How Does Your Garden Grow
Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow? This week is all about our garden. Plant flowers and vegetables in our garden. Learn what it takes to maintain a healthy garden. Explore foods from the garden in our kitchen.
July 13 - 17
Ancient Egypt
Come explore the pyramids and Sphinx. We’ll learn about Ancient Egypt through books, crafts and other activities. Put on your archeology hat and join the dig.
July 20 - 24
Keeping It Green
Save the Planet! Hug a Tree! We’re going to learn how to be nicer to the planet we live on. We will recycle, but maybe not always the way you think. Check out our recycled art exhibit.
July 27 - July 31
Exploring the Arts
Explore the world of art this week. We’ll paint and create and display our masterpieces in the Children’s Place Art Gallery. We’ll explore music, dance and all things art. Our inspiration could come from anywhere!
Aug. 3 - 7
Be a Michigan Author
Join the ranks of famous Michigan children’s’ authors. Read stories and books written by fellow Michiganders. Even write some of your own. We’ll publish our books and put them in our library.
Aug. 10 - 14
Fun in Fitness
Put on your workout shoes. We’re going to keep fit and have fun at the same time. Learn how keeping healthy can enhance everything we do. We’ll explore exercise, diet and lifestyle in keeping fit for life.
Aug. 17 - 21
Children’s Place Jurassic Park
Come experience “Jurassic Park” Children’s Place style. Dinosaurs will roam again as we explore dinosaurs. We will learn about the different dinosaurs that inhabited the planet. You’ll even know what a paleontologist is by the end of the week.
Aug. 24 - 28
Kalamazoo – Past and “Present”
Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo! Did you know we are the only one in the United States? This week we explore the history of Kalamazoo and experience all there is to offer now.
Aug. 31 – Sept. 4
Our traditional way of ending the summer. We'll create games, decorations and even the prizes. On Friday, join us as we set up our Carnival in the upper playground. Popcorn, snow cones and lots of fun end the summer with a bang.


Rates for the summer program are the same as preschool rates.

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Registration fee:
A $45/child ($75/family) registration fee is required for first-time children, or for children gone from the center over one year.

How to register:

Fill out a Campus Kids online registration form

Call 387-2277

Or register in person at
WMU Children’s Place Learning Center