HiiM Curriculum

What is the new HiiM major and minor?

Health Informatics and Information Management (HiiM) is a new undergraduate curriculum that is available in fall 2012 for all incoming students to WMU. HiiM curriculum is multi-disciplinary and meant to prepare WMU students to meet the rising needs in the Health Information Technology (HIT) industry. HiiM curriculum requires students to take courses from three colleges - College of Art and Sciences, College of Health and Human Services, and Haworth College of Business. All HiiM majors and minors will be admitted on a competition basis. At present, the HiiM major is offered by both Haworth College of Business and College of Health and Human Services. The HiiM minor can be taken by any students with an approved academic major at WMU.


A HiiM major will receive his/her baccalaureate degree from the hosting college where he/she finishes the undergraduate study. Therefore, each HiiM major will follow the four-year curriculum model developed by the hosting college to complete his/her study. Due to the capacity constrained by the existing resources, the HiiM program will be opened for application by all WMU students. Applicants will be evaluated for admission at least twice, i.e., fall and spring, based on each applicant's academic performance.


The HiiM curriculum is designed based on the Curriculum Map (for baccalaureate degree) published by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). The current courses and their associated contents do provide necessary and sufficient learning outcomes and topics that are specified by the AHIMA curriculum map.