HiiM Major

Curriculum Framework

The framework of the HiiM curriculum (Major) is composed of three components:
1) The Pre-HiiM core courses
2) The HiiM Core courses
3) The hosting college specialty courses

Altogether, a HiiM major will be required to complete a minimum of 51 or a maximum of 55 credit hours of coursework, depending on the actual courses taken by the student. A HiiM major will complete all required courses (Pre-HiiM Core and HiiM Core) and a minimum of nine hours of specialty track courses. As demonstrated by the curriculum model, a WMU student, whether entered as a freshman or a transfer, shall be able to complete the HiiM major within four academic years given there is appropriate course planning via timely advising.

A. Pre-HiiM Core Courses- (7 courses - 18-21 Credits)

The following courses or their equivalents must be completed by each applicant for a HiiM major. Each course shall be completed with a grade C or above.
CIS1020/CIS1100 - Introduction to Business Computing (3/1)
NUR1020/HSV1100 - Introduction to Health and Human Services (3/2)
MDSC 2010 - Medical Terminology (1)
BIOS1120 - Principles of Biology (3)
BIOS2400 - Human Physiology (4)

Human Anatomy-select one of the following:
BIOS2110-Human Anatomy (3)
OT2000-Human Functional Anatomy (3)

Statistics- select one of the following:
STAT2160-Business Statistics (4)
STAT2600-Elementary Statistics (4)
STAT3660-Introduction to Statistics(4)

B. HiiM Core Courses-(8 courses - 24 or 25 Credits)

All of the following courses must be completed by an admitted HiiM major at Western Michigan University.

NUR2350/HSV2350/BUS2700 (cross-listed)- Health Info Systems and Management (3) Select one of the following:
NUR2350- Special Topics in Nursing (3)
HSV2350- Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Health Services (3)
BUS2700- Business-driven Information Technology (customized contents) (3)

Health Care Ethics- Select one of the following:
NUR3220- Healthcare Ethics (3)
PHIL2010- Introduction to Ethics(4)
PHIL3340- Biomedical Ethics (4)

NUR3330- Informatics for Health Professionals (3)
CIS3600- Systems Analysis and Design (customized contents) (3)
CIS3660- Information Assurance and Compliance (customized contents) (3)
CIS4600- Business Database Applications (customized contents) (3)
HSV4800- Health Services Practice Management (3)

NUR4300/HSV4350/CIS 4990 (cross-listed)- HiiM Capstone Project (3)- Select one of the following:
NUR4300- Special Topics in Nursing (3)
HSV4350- Special Topics in Health and Human Services (3)
CIS4990- Enterprise Project (customized contents) (3)

C. College Specialty Courses-(minimum of 9 Credits)

Each HiiM major shall take a minimum of nine (9) credit hours of coursework from the hosting college where he/she obtains the baccalaureate degree.

At present, three colleges plan to host the HiiM major. Details about specialty tracks are presented below.

1). Haworth College of Business: Three specialty tracks are planned to be offered:

(a) Data Analytics (DAN)- four courses are identified in this track.
CIS 2640- Business Reporting and Analysis (3)
CIS 3640- Business Analytics (3)
CIS 4640- Business Data Mining (3)
CIS 3620- IT Project Management (3)

(b) Health Information Networking (HIN)- four courses are identified in this track.
CIS 2660- Networking and Data Communications (3)
CIS 5550A- Advanced Networking (3)
CIS 5550B- Network Security (3)
CIS 5550C- Health Information Networking (3)

(c) Management (MGMT)- Three management courses are offered for this track.
MGMT 3010- Project Management (3)
MGMT 3520- Human Resource Management (3)
MGMT 4540- Employment Relations (3)

2). College of Health and Human Services: One specialty track is planned to be offered:

(a) Health Services (HSV)- Five health services courses are offered for this track.
HSV 4150- Administrative Functions of Health Care (3)
HSV 4810- Health Systems and the Environment (3)
HSV 4850- Major Issues in Health and Human Services (3)
HSV 4860- Health Literacy Practices (3)
HSV 4890- Health and Human Services Independent Research (3)

Note: Within Western Michigan University other colleges and schools are working on offering this major.

This unique multi-disciplinary design has not only collapsed academic silos at WMU to avoid resource wastes, but also integrated a variety of faculty talents to create a blended and balanced Health Information Technology Curriculum that meets the rising market needs in health care and related industries. In other words, the HiiM major curriculum will not require the creation of new courses or hiring of new faculty lines. All the courses are currently offered by the hosting colleges.