What is CHITA?

Our Vision

To be the leading institute that provides the most productive Health Information Technology research, education, and services for the delivery of best health care with quality, safety, security, and sustainability.

Our Mission

To integrate our talented faculty and students to work with our community, state, and national stakeholders in conducting synergistic, interdisciplinary and innovative research, training, and services to provide the most efficient and effective health care for the United States of America.

Our Value Proposition

The best health care shall be delivered with:

Our solution: Advancing Health Care with Information Technology

Our Approach

The Center is committed to:

Our Story

Han and FalanReforming health care has been identified as one of the top priorities for resolution, both by the federal and the state governments.  Since 2006, Michigan has been one of the leading states that have conducted state-level Health Information Exchange (HIE) projects. In specific, Michigan’s state-level initiative, Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN), triggered its first HIE project, Conduit to Care, by partitioning the State into nine regions to ensure a concerted investigation and implementation of a state-wide health care information system.  Western Michigan University (WMU) is the only four-year higher learning institute in this Southwest region. Undoubtedly, WMU shall participate and will play a critical role in transforming the health care industry via our concerted and active academic endeavors in HIT. 


With our established academic programs in Computer Information Systems and Health Care Informatics, and, more specifically, the success of e-Firm Education Projects, our faculties’ capacity and potential in making contributions to HIT were recognized by the IT consulting firm - ChangeScape Inc., the coordinator of the State HIE Project in the Southwest region.  Subsequently, the CIS faculty from the department of Business Information Systems at Haworth College of Business (HCoB) and nursing faculty from the Bronson School of Nursing at College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) were invited by two state-level entities, Michigan Center for Effective Information Technology Adoption (M-CEITA) and Michigan Coalition for Health Information Technology (MCHIT) to actively participate in their HIT planning and designing activities. Quickly, we recognize our roles and the opportunities that can be capitalized and fulfilled by WMU health care reform through effective use of information technology.  It is our belief that with our faculty’s talents and capacities, WMU will be part of the solution to health care reform.  To date, three WMU faculty members, two from HCoB and one from CHHS, have already been invited by MiHIN as the voting members in evaluating future HIT projects.

This proposal is a request for the establishment of the WMU Center for Health Care Information Technology Advancement (WMU-CHITA), a timely response to the mission call from the Federal and State government’s for health care reform through HIT.  This Center will provide our faculty with immense opportunities in seeking external grants to conduct collaborative research and hands-on projects with health care providers in health care reform.  Of course, WMU-CHITA will also better prepare our students for future jobs.  Lastly, this Center’s success will boost WMU’s reputation and ensure its leading position in health care and medical training, one of the strategic goals that WMU will fulfill for the coming years.