Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is CHITA only concerned with health information technology at Western Michigan University?
A: No, although a great deal of CHITA's purpose is involved with benefiting the community, it also serves to provide resources to parties outside the community.
Q: What are the motivations and needs with regards to CHITA?
A: To disseminate information about the current status of CHITA to the community, to support the creation of partnership with potential collaborators from the community, to stimulate WMU faculty and students to get involved with grant application and participation of community projects and to promote research, innovation, and education in HIT.
Q: What is the CHITA website used for?
A: To look for faculty members talents in health care and IT, to search for published research work and to identify potential research grant providers.
Q: Who are CHITA's target personas?
A: CHITA is focused mainly on benefiting faculty members as well as medical physicians.
Q: What features are available through the CHITA website?
A: Listings of potential grant opportunities, published research, faculty information regarding HIT and information about finding a community sponsor.
Q: Where is CHITA based?
A: Kalamazoo, Michigan on the campus of Western Michigan University
Q: What value propositions are offered by CHITA?
A: Patient-centric services, maximum value, full security, high quality, efficiency and sustainability for all stakeholders.
Q: What is CHITA's mission?
A: To integrate our talented faculty and students to work with our community, state, and national stakeholders in conducting synergistic, interdisciplinary, and innovative research, training, and services to provide most efficient and effective health care for the United States of America.