Dates: October 17-18, 2013

Place: Fetzer Center

Hosted by: The Center for HIT Advancement

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo,MI


Expediting Health Care Reform thru Service Innovation and Stakeholder Engagement


This year, our conference will focus on service innovation and stakeholder engagement with a primary goal to expedite health care reform. All research work, best practices, and studies related to the conference theme are welcome. For research papers, while not limited by, the following topics are highly sought after:

  • Augment the Patient/Provider Relationship with HIT
  • Collaborative Healthcare and Social Media
  • Communication and Relationship-centered Healthcare
  • Consumer Health Technology Education and Training
  • Globalization and Sustainability of Patient-centric HIT
  • Healthcare Data Analytics and Decision-making
  • Health Education and Literacy
  • Healthcare Innovations using Emerging Technologies
  • Healthcare Logistics and Supply-chain Management
  • Healthcare Management and Administration
  • Healthcare Security and Privacy Management
  • Healthcare Stakeholders Engagement
  • Health Information Exchange and Infrastructure
  • Health Information Technology and Usability & Satisfaction
  • Health Information Technology for Workflow Improvements
  • Personal Health Records Management
  • Self-managed Healthcare and Consumer Empowerment
  • Smart Health and Wellbeing Technology
  • Success Factors in Adoption of Health Information Technology
  • Telehealth and Telemedicine Innovative Solutions
  • Unexpected synergies-interactive HIT and caring relationships
  • User Engagement of Electronic Health Care Systems
  • Visual and GIS enabled Portals for Patients
  • Wireless and Mobile Health Care Services

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