Graduate Forms

Fill out forms online, print and submit



    • Form 1: Request for permanent advisor and capstone plan [.pdf]
    • Form 2: Permanent Program of Study – Thesis, Professional Project, or Comprehensive Exams [.pdf]
    • Form 3: Notification of Appointment to a dissertation, project or thesis committee (Grad College form) [.pdf]
    • Form 4: Request for modification of Permanent Program [.pdf]
    • Form 5: Request for Appointment of Capstone Committee [.pdf]
    • Form 6: Defense of Capstone Proposal [.pdf]
    • Form 7: Eligibility to hold Comprehensive exams [.pdf]
    • Form 8: Result of Capstone Experience [.pdf]
    • FORM A: Application for permission to elect (thesis, independent study) (Grad College form) [.pdf]
    • FORM B: Thesis Approval Form (Grad College form) [.pdf]
    • Form 12: Application for Permission to Enroll in COM 7150 (Professional Project) [.pdf]

    Other forms

    • Form 9: Annual Review of Masters Student Performance [.pdf]
    • Form 10: Graduate Assistant Performance Review [.pdf]
    • Form 11: Graduate Student Travel Award Application [.pdf]
    • Form ADP: Accelerated Degree Program Course Approval [.pdf]

Forms from the Graduate College

  • Graduate Student Research Fund Application [.pdf]
  • Graduate Student Travel Fund Application .pdf
  • Master's Thesis Check-in Form [.pdf]
  • Request to Extend Time to Complete Graduate Degree Program  [.pdf]
  • Assessment Matrix - Thesis [.pdf]
  • Assessment Matrix - Professional Project [.pdf]
  • Assessment Matrix - Comprehensive Exams [.pdf]

Forms from the Registrar's Office

  • Application for Graduation Audit [.pdf]
  • Accelerated Degree Program Course Approval [.pdf]
  • Graduate Transfer Credit Evaluation and Course Substitution[.pdf]
  • Program change form [.pdf]



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