Undergraduate About Graduation Audit

Undergraduate About Graduation Audit

About Graduation Audit

You must apply for graduation audit at the College of Arts and Sciences advising office (2318 Friedman Hall).

You must apply for graduation pre-audit at least 3 semesters before your graduation date.

During the pre-audit, the advisor will help you identify the courses you need to complete to be eligible for graduation. It is easier to fix any problems at this level. If everything is in order, the advisor will ask you to submit an application to the Office of the Registrar for an official audit. There is a deadline for submitting applications for audit.

The official auditor from the office of the Registrar will evaluate your coursework and send you a letter with a list of things you need to complete before graduation.

When you completed the requirements listed in the auditor's letter, you will asked to prepare for your graduation.

For more information on deadlines for applying and the cost visit:


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