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Communication Studies

The Communication Studies major is designed to give you a broad overview of general communication while providing the opportunity to learning about interpersonal, organizational, and media communication. Students considering graduate school immediately after completion of their bachelor's degree often consider this major.

Film, Video, and Media Studies (FVM)

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Interpersonal Communication

This major is designed for students who want the knowledge and learned ability to work closely with people in interpersonal relationships.

This major is excellent for students interested in social service careers, where knowledge and ability in interpersonal relationships is critical to success. You will learn interpersonal communication, communication theory, communication research, group communication, nonverbal communication, family communication, communication ethics, female/male interaction, health communication, attitude change, group problem solving, and public speaking.


The journalism major provides students training in AP style writing and focuses on investigative print journalism.

This major provides students with a thorough background in news reporting and writing, journalism law and journalism ethics. You will learn communication theory, journalism research, feature and article writing, reviewing for the press, newspaper writing and reporting, reporting public affairs, copy and content editing, journalism ethics, electronic editing, telecommunication, broadcast journalism, literary journalism, literary interpretation, television criticism, mass communication and news, documentary in film and television.

Organizational Communication

The Organizational Communication major prepares you to work in a public or private, profit or non-profit organization in a variety of roles, such as management, training or corporate communications.

This major views the primary role of a manager to be strategic organizational communication. It also emphasizes "managerial communication"; which is the role of leadership, how to train employees, how to conduct an interview and how to work with and in small groups.

This major is the closest major to a "business" major in the School of Communication.

You will learn organizational theory, interpersonal theory, communication research, nonverbal communication leadership, public speaking, communication ethics, female/male interaction, intercultural communication, public relations, interviewing, and attitude change.

Public Relations

The Public Relations major prepares you to function as the "face" of an organization and be able to effectively represent the organization to its customers, constituents, and external community.

This major offers an excellent integrated approach of several academic disciplines in the expanding field of public relations. You will learn public relations planning, public relations case studies, public affairs and news, media and social change, news writing, editing, feature writing, broadcast journalism, television production, graphic arts, web-page design, electronic publishing, organizational theory, group problem solving, attitude change, and leadership.

Excellent writing skills are essential for success in Public Relations.


Telecommunication and Information Management

The interdisciplinary major in Telecommunications & Information Management (TIM) is offered through the Computer Information Systems (CIS) program, Department of Business Information Systems, Haworth College of Business and the School of Communication, College of Arts & Sciences. The TIM major is designed to train students in a variety of telecommunications and data communication sub-disciplines, including cable television, telephony, data base management, network operations, satellite & wireless and Internet communication.

The major's mission is to give students a well balanced education in a variety of business and technical management issues.

Special note:

Telecommunications-Information Management majors may not select any minor in the Haworth College of Business. This restriction is because of the accredition requirements through the Association of the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)



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