Jim Jaksa

Jim Jaksa

Jim Jaksa

Jim Jaksa Professor Emeritus
Retired in 1996

About Me:

I was in the School for 29 Years -- from 1957-1996. I taught on both graduate and undergraduate levels. Specialized in Communication Ethics. Also taught Public Speaking; Small Group Discussion; Group Problem Solving; Argumentation and Debate; Persuasion; Communication, Social Issues and Change; Political Communication; Parliamentary Procedure; and Interpersonal Communication.

Sarah and I still maintain our residence in Portage and spend the winters in Palm Beach, Florida. We also travel to Europe each year. Since retirement we traveled to France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Italy. We had two wonderful Elderhostel bicycle trips (in the Loire Valley in France and in Denmark). We rented Untour apartments for two week each in Provence, Brussels, and Tuscany.

We also travel in the U.S. to see our children and grandchildren in Bangor, Maine; Boston, MA; Washington, D. C., Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; and Madison, WI.

We lead a pretty active life, with lots of tennis, golf, and biking worked into an active cultural life. We take in a good deal of theater, music, art. lectures, etc. wherever we are. WMU still provides many wonderful moments for us in the arts and in athletics.

I am playing my cornet in groups in both Kalamazoo and Florida-after not having played for several years.

I still have a serious interest in the School, the university and the Communication Ethics Commission of the National Communication Association, although I am no longer active in professional activities.

Sarah and I love retirement. We never expected to live as well in retirement as we have been able to. We feel fortunate and count our blessings.


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