Student Organization

WMU composition students.

The Western Michigan University Student Composer Alliance empowers students to shape the activities of the composition program at Western Michigan University and facilitates the development of entrepreneurial skills. We are dedicated to promoting the creation and performance of new music at WMU and in the greater Kalamazoo area. Students meet in a weekly roundtable to discuss event production, new ideas for growth, topics related to composition and musical aesthetics. Additionally, the chapter is responsible for organizing the biannual student composer concerts and initiating collaborative projects involving new works by student composers. Student composers support and challenge each other, and grow together as a community.


  • Devin Andenno
  • Elisabeth Blair, Vice-President
  • Carolyn Borcherding
  • Jeffery Brewster
  • Caleb Hammer, secretary
  • Michael Flynn
  • Kevin Kerr
  • Evan Leffert
  • Joel Myers
  • Keegan Nordby
  • Justin Ortez
  • Maria Paterno
  • Zachary Ploeger, secretary
  • Laura Roth, member-at-large
  • Chelly, Shellman
  • Graeme Shields, President
  • Robert Squiers
  • Ton Tran
  • Lukas Stanley
  • David Stone
  • Jiabao Wen
  • Somi Yoon