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WMU Approved Pathways and CIP codes - Career and Technical Education

Art and Communication Pathway
10.0202 Radio & TV Broadcasting Technology
10.0301 Graphics and Printing Technology and Communications
19.0906 Fashion Design

Business Management Marketing and Technology Pathway
52.0299 Business Administration Management and Operations
52.0800 Finance and Financial Management Services
12.0500 Cooking & Related Culinary Arts
11.0901 Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications
11.1001 System Administration/Administrator
52.1999 Marketing Sales and Service

Education and Training Pathway
13.0000 Education General

Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology Pathway
15.0000 Engineering Technology
15.1301 Drafting & Design
19.0605 Home Furnishings Equipment Installers and Consultants
46.0000 Construction Trades
47.0201 Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration
15.0403 Electro-Mechanical Technology
47.0101 Electrical/Electronics Equipment Installation and Repair General
47.0603 Collison Repair Technician (NATEF ASE Certified)
47.0613 Medium/Heavy Truck Technician (NATEF ASE Certified)
48.0501 Machine Tool Operation/Machine Shop
48.0508 Welding, Brazing and Soldering
48.0701 Woodworking General
47.0604 Automobile Technician (NATEF Certified)
47.0607 Airframe Technology
47.0608 Power Plant Technology (Aircraft)
49.0101 Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science & Technology 
47.0609 Avionics Maintenance Technology

Family & Consumer Sciences
19.0000 Family and Consumer Sciences

Health Sciences Pathway
51.0000 Health - Therapeutic Services
51.1000 Health - Diagnostic Services
51.0707 Health - Informatics

Hospitality & Tourism
12.0500 Cooking & Related Culinary Arts

Human Services Pathway
12.0400 Cosmetology (must provide instructor's license)
19.0700 Child and Custodial Care Services (No longer available)
43.0100 Public Safety/Protective Services

Natural Resources and Agriscience Pathway
1.0000 Agriculture, Agricultural Operations and Related Sciences
3.0000 Natural Resources Conservation