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Geology and Geologists
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What is Geology and What Do Geologists Do?

“Geo” means “earth” and “logy” means “study”.  Geologists  study the earth – the geosphere - and its interactions with the hydrosphere (water) the atmosphere (air) and the biosphere (life). They also study other parts of the solar system. They find and manage natural resources like minerals, water, oil and gas. They study earthquakes and volcanoes to help us to avoid being harmed by these powerful natural events. Download a copy of the brochure on Careers in the Geosciences from the American Geological Institute (AGI).

Download a poster with photos of geologists at work.

Why is it important to learn about geology?

Download Lynn Fichter's two page Declaration of Geology to find out.

Click on the links below to learn more about what geologists and earth scientists do.



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