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The 2010 Youth Policy Summit on Energy Innovation in Michigan was a huge success thanks to all of the energetic and motivated students who participated. We are anxious to read the final report, and will link to it here. Watch for more pictures on this page in a couple of weeks.


Most of the group - all but two of the students - after the presentation of their recommendations on Thursday July 29. Great Job!!

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2010 Youth Policy Summit on Energy Innovation in Michigan



The Keystone Science School is bringing its national Youth Policy Summit program and its CSI: Climate Status Investigations teacher training workshop back to Michigan in 2010!

Keystone and Western Michigan University’s Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education (MGRRE) partnered to present the 2009 Youth Policy Summit on Greenhouse Gas Reductions in Michigan and are now preparing for the 2010 Summit on Energy Innovation In Michigan which will take place on the WMU campus from July 24-29,2010. Download the 2010 application (PDF).

There will also be a FREE teacher workshop, Keystone's CSI: Climate Status Investigations Institute on July 27-28. There are still spaces open for Michigan teachers - contact Wendi Liles at Keystone for registration information at CSI Brochure (pdf).


See results from the 2009 Summit below:


The 2009 Summit is over and the students' report has been published! Download the full report (pdf) or an executive summary (pdf).

View a slide show from the 2009 Summit.

2009 students from Dearborn Math and Science Center have prepared a podcast with David Bydlowski about their results at

Open to highly motivated 11th and 12th grade students from across the state, the next Summit will be held on the WMU campus in Kalamazoo, Michigan during the summer of 2010.  If your school would like to participate, please download the application or contact Annemarie Fussell at Keystone (; 970-455-4231) or Susan Grammer at WMU (; 269-387-8642). For information on past Summits see: or

While the students were busy coming to consensus on the recommendations to be made to government and industry officials, teachers participated in a Keystone Science School Climate Status Investigations teacher training workshop. For more information on the CSI curriculum, contact Wendi Liles at The workshop will be back in 2010.

“Keystone was an amazing opportunity! Not only did I get interested in energy efficiency as a result of the Keystone conference, but I also realized how much of an impact energy efficiency has on my everyday life. Because of the Youth Policy Summit, I know that I want to be involved in a career that deals with energy efficiency.
When we finished our policy recommendations, there was an awesome sense of accomplishment that everyone in the group noticed, even the adults. I am extremely proud of the recommendations we created and look forward to seeing what happens to our policy in the future.”

Caroline Morel, Battle Creek Area Mathematics & Science Center

-student participant from 2007 Energy Efficiency Summit

To help sponsor Keystone's 2010 Michigan Youth Policy Summit contact Annemarie Fussell at (970-455-4231).



They were a hard working bunch, but there was plenty of time for fun, too!


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