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Consumers Energy Foundation

Consumers Energy Foundation awards grants for projects that support learning for students and communities. Core Kids is pleased to partner with Consumers Energy Foundation.

DTE Energy and DTE Energy Foundation

DTE Energy Foundation is the charitable arm of DTE Energy. Through their grant programs, they support institutions and organizations that strengthen and enhance the communities they serve.

The Keystone Center and Keystone Science School

The Keystone Center is a non-profit organization founded in 1975. Headquartered in Keystone, Colorado with offices in Denver, Washington, Boston, and Santa Fe, the Center brings together today’s public, private and civic sector leaders to confront difficult issues.

Keystone Science School is a residential field science school that challenges citizens—from children to adults—to develop critical thinking skills as they follow a path that explores nature and science education.Keystone Science School knows that today's youth are the future leaders who will develop policies and make decisions impacting our world. To help them be engaged citizens in the future, Keystone Science School has created educational and interactive science education programs that stimulate young minds and make them comfortable with scientific and critical thinking.

Keystone Science School's Youth Policy Summit 2009 and 2010

Keystone Science School’s Youth Policy Summits (YPS) provide high school students with a unique training and preparatory experience that engages a contemporary, science-intensive policy issue.  Their experience provides them with the research, negotiation, problem solving, and policy analysis skills they will need to be successful in their future endeavors as scientists, lawyers, doctors and business professionals.

In partnership with Western Michigan University (WMU), Keystone Science School conducted a Youth Policy Summit in 2009 focused on Greenhouse Gas Reductions in Michigan.  Thirty high school students from 8 different schools around the state were asked to negotiate consensus-based recommendations for the Governor, the state legislature, and Michigan’s business and NGO sectors. The students' final report is now available as a full report (pdf) and an executive summary (pdf). KSS will be returning for another summit during the summer of 2010. For more information go to or email us at

Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership

The MRCSP is one of seven regional partnerships established by the U.S. Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory (DOE/NETL) to study carbon sequestration as one option for mitigating climate change. You can learn more by exploring their website at Information on MRCSP's Michigan field demonstration test is at

nescclogoNortheast Science Center Collaborative-NESCC

NESCC combines the latest scientific findings of research and academic institutions with the interpretive expertise of science centers to develop exhibits, educational content, and outreach projects for the more than seven million annual visitors to more than 63 science education and research institutions, museums and nonprofit organizations throughout the Northeast. CoreKids staff has been trained in the use of NESCC's Climate Change Backpack curriculum.

Earth Science Literacy Initiative (ESLI)

The Earth Science Literacy Initiative (ESLI), funded by the National Science Foundation, aimed to gather and codify the underlying understandings of Earth sciences into a succinct document that would have broad-reaching applications in both public and private arenas. The document, finished in 2009, established the “Big Ideas” and supporting concepts that all Americans should know about Earth sciences. The resulting Earth Science Literacy Principles document is part of the foundation, along with similar documents from the Oceans, Atmospheres and Climate communities, of a larger geoscience Earth Systems Literacy effort.

COPUS - Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science


The Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS) is a grassroots effort whose goal is to engage sectors of the public in science to increase their understanding of the nature of science and its value to society. A key objective of COPUS is to create new forums for communication and to develop new opportunities for engaging the public with science. COPUS is sponsored by NSF, the American Institute of Biological Sciences, The Geological Society of America, National Science Teachers Association and University of California Museum of Paleontology. CoreKids is a member of the COPUS network.


Year of Science 2009 is a 12 month celebration of how science works, why science matters, and who scientists are led by participants in the COPUS network. Learn more about the process of science on the exciting new Web site Understanding Science.

2009 is over, but our celebrations certainly are continuing! It has been a wonderful year highlighting the contributions that science makes to our lives and building collaborative connections across boundaries that often exist across our diverse scientific community. As we reflect back on the Year of Science 2009, several key words come to mind: celebrate, communicate, and collaborate! Those words have guided us in this compilation of reflections to (1) recognize the unprecedented level of collaboration among individuals and organizations contributing to make the year a collective success in elevating the voice for science, (2) extend our thanks, and (3) look toward next steps!!


COSEE Great Lakes

Michigan Earth Science Teachers’ Association

Michigan Science Teachers’ Association

Michigan Oil and Gas Association

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Michigan Basin Geological Society



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