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Make a Splash with Project Wet Water Education Festival

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In September of 2009, Lansing, Michigan Hydrogeologist, Arlene Anderson-Vincent, a member of the Michigan Basin Geological Society, used a WMU CoreKids Porosity and Permeability Learning Module to demonstrate porosity and permeability at the 2009 Big Rapids-area "Make A Splash" with Project WET water education festival.  Four elementary schools in the area sent approximately 275 third graders to the one-day water festival. The children explored many action stations including the water cycle, recycling, watersheds and porosity and permeability.

Hydrogeology - Where is the Water Under My Town?

Core Kids would like to thank the entire 8th grade from Mattawan Middle School 2008 for being the guinea pigs for this exercise. They learned how to use publicly available information from a Department of Environmental Quality database to find out about the geology and the depth of the water table beneath their feet. Below are a few of the geologic cross sections that they prepared after transferring their data onto stratigraphic columns.

crsect1 crosssect2

By looking at these and other cross sections they were able to envision in 3 dimensions what type of sediments were under their town as well as where the water table was deep and where it was close to the surface.

We would like teachers and students from other parts of Michigan to benefit from what we learned together about using real data to tell us something about the place that we live. After talking with a teacher from Charlotte at MSTA, we chose Charlotte as our demonstration project and prepared a PowerPoint that will walk you through the steps to finding out what the geology is like under your own community. Feel free to download the PowerPoint for your students to use. If you would prefer a PDF file to print download the link marked (pdf).


More links about hydrogeology



USGS Toxic Substances Hydrology Program

Research Project - Emerging Contaminants In the Environment
Research is documenting with increasing frequency that many chemical and microbial constituents that have not historically been considered as contaminants are present in the environment on a global scale. These "emerging contaminants" are commonly derived from municipal, agricultural, and industrial wastewater sources and pathways. These newly recognized contaminants represent a shift in traditional thinking as many are produced industrially yet are dispersed to the environment from domestic, commercial, and industrial uses. The major goal of the Emerging Contaminants Project is to provide information on these compounds for evaluation of their potential threat to environmental and human health.

WMU Geosciences Department Hydrogeology Research

City of Kalamazoo - Protect Your Water Website

The City of Kalamazoo presents an educational website with groundwater animations,
kits to loan, games and presentations at:
For information on kits and models to loan, see:
The City of Kalamazoo Wellhead Protection Team in partnership with the City of Kalamazoo Department of Public Services Environmental Services Division offer groundwater protection presentations.
To request a presentation by the Wellhead Protection Team:

Hi Kids! Below are activities you can do in and out of your home! Print off the activity sheets below and have fun while learning about how to protect your water!

Kalamazoo County Environmental Health Bureau
The environment of Kalamazoo County is a complex relationship between the ecological balances in which the community lives and the quality of health the community desires. Accordingly, the staff of Environmental Health continually and diligently endeavors to prevent disease, prolong life, protect the environment and promote public health of the citizens of Kalamazoo County. We strive to accomplish this through community assessment, education and assurance activities in all of our programs.
Here you will find information on borrowing teaching tools from the Environmental Health Bureau. They have a Groundwater Simulator Model and several other models to loan to teachers at no charge, as well as a link to games that teach players about water resources.

Battle Creek Children's Water Festival
The City of Battle Creek and the Battle Creek Area Mathematics and Science Center sponsored free science training opportunities for fourth and fifth grade students through the Fifth Annual Children's Water Festival, on Friday, May 9, 2008 at Kellogg Community College. Check out for lots of information about ways to protect water and threats to clean water.

Safe Drinking Water Partners of Southwest Michigan
The Safe Drinking Water Partners of Southwest Michigan is an organization of municipal water supplies, villages, cities, state, township, and county officials, and others interested in protecting our shared water resources. The partners promote good land use management practices and educate citizens on the importance of these resources for future growth and development. This group meets periodically to share information and explore collaborative efforts.

State of Michigan's Wellhead Protection Program,1607,7-135-3313_3675_3695-9169--,00.html
This program assists local communities utilizing groundwater for their municipal drinking water supply systems in protecting their water source. 

Kalamazoo River Watershed Council

The Kalamazoo River Watershed Council* is a public, non-profit 501(c)3 organization Imagewhose purpose is to work collaboratively with the community, government agencies, local officials and businesses to improve and protect the health of the Kalamazoo River, its tributaries, and its watershed.  Wonder how we are serving the watershed community? Go to to find out.





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