Student Investment Project

  • WMU Dancers at the NYC Ballet.

  • Master class with Kat Wildish in NYC.

  • Getting ready for an awesome master class with Koresh Dance Company!

  • Master Class with Mike Esperanza at Gibney Dance.

  • Dance injury prevention class with Alison Deleget from Harkness Center for Dance Injuries.


Student Investment Project

Each year the Department of Dance provides senior students with opportunities to engage with dance artists and learn more about a major metropolitan center, its dance facilities and career opportunities. Students take master classes, participate in workshops, and round table discussions with members of the local dance community, including prominent dance companies and professionals. 

In May 2017 students ventured to New York City, where they had fantastic educational and networking experiences with:

WMU Students take hip hop master classes with Quilan Arnold in New York City.

The students also particpated in panel discussions on subjects such as careers in dance science, took a tour of American Ballet Theatre, saw performances of "Sleep No More" and the New York City Ballet, and enjoyed a bit of sightseeing.



 Previous trips have included:

  • Phladelphia
  • Montreal
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles


Check out this round table discussion with dance professionals in NYC!