videoEngage, Educate and Inspire | The Power Of Knowledge
Leaders come from all backgrounds, cultures and walks of life but what separates good leaders from extraordinary leaders is knowledge. The potential to become a great leader is within all of us; yet like   anything else, it is something that takes years of commitment, experience and understanding to develop.

DESIGNEDtoLEAD is a day-long conference that will educate and inspire, giving you the foundational knowledge to become an extraordinary leader.

Creating Connections | Networking and Sharing
Great leaders understand that success is not reached alone but with and through a diverse network of mentors and colleagues. DESIGNEDtoLEAD will provide the opportunity to connect with thought leaders in a variety of areas as well as students and professionals who recognize that leadership must be created and nurtured through connections and multiple perspectives.

The Vision | Lead to Success

DESIGNEDtoLEAD is for motivated students who want to become the next great leaders in their industries, companies and communities. Within one day, DESIGNEDtoLEAD will ignite the spark, passion and creativity within your work and daily life. This is a conference that will draw upon best practices in leadership, personal stories of leadership, and philosophies of leadership, all with you in mind. When you leave, you will feel inspired. You will feel motivated. You will feel passion. And you will feel energized. You will feel will you were DESIGNEDtoLEAD