DESIGNEDtoLEAD is a day-long conference that will bring national experts in leadership, from a variety of fields, to Kalamazoo to speak to and interact with a diverse group of students—fulfilling an important need for an intensive professional development opportunity in leadership for our students.

Antonio Neves Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker and Award-winning Business Journalist, THINQACTION and The Ignition Lab

Antonio Neves is a coach to top entrepreneurs, speaker and award-winning business journalist. With THINQACTION, he has a successful track record of coaching top leaders. A certified coach, Neves leads workshops and webinars for organizations that include MSN, MediaBistro,, the U.S. Small Business Administration and others. He is co-founder of The Ignition Lab and served as experience director of The Bold Academy. As an award-winning business journalist, he has interviewed top Fortune 500 CEOs and entrepreneurs including Steve Case, Tony Hsieh, Chip Conley, Tony Conrad and more. He is a video contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine’s Young Entrepreneur. Notably, Neves served as correspondent of the NBC-produced business show Cool Runnings. His business articles appear in Entrepreneur Magazine, MSN Money, and Fox Business. During his broadcast caree,r he worked with major outlets including NBC, MSN, Advertising Age, E! News, BET and PBS. He began his career co-hosting Nickelodeon’s U-Pick Live. An in-demand speaker, Neves regularly speaks on college campuses and at major events, including New York City Creative Week, Big Omaha, Unreasonable Climax, Thinc Iowa and the ADCOLOR Awards. A graduate of WMU’s Haworth College of Business, Neves also holds a Master of Science degree from Columbia University.

Testimonials for Antonio Neves’s presentations:

“Antonio is master facilitator. His leadership and ability to help identify opportunities were instrumental in making my event a success. He asked tough questions and brought out some deeply internalized issues that, when confronted, have made me a better entrepreneur.” – Dario Meli – Co-CEO, Invoke & Co-Founder, Hootsuite “Antonio Neves connects with people on an astonishingly genuine level. After a session with him, I feel the adrenaline rush akin to five cups of coffee and I leave with a sense of focus and clarity about my aspirations in life. He challenges me to be nothing less than my best and most truthful self.” – Katie Quinn, Digital Journalist, Now This News