DESIGNEDtoLEAD is a day-long conference that will bring national experts in leadership, from a variety of fields, to Kalamazoo to speak to and interact with a diverse group of students—fulfilling an important need for an intensive professional development opportunity in leadership for our students.

Jen Randall President and Co-founder, Maestro

Jen Randall is the president and co-founder of Maestro, a company that helps companies and organizations build communication, sales and training programs through analysis-driven strategies delivered through online, mobile and blended-learning technologies. A former teacher who served as a mentor, coach and sales and training manager for Johnson and Johnson, Randall works with the Maestro team to create high-impact learning products and apps for mobile learning using the latest in 3D, video and animation technologies for Maestro's Fortune 1,000 clients. Founded in 2007, Maestro was built to challenge the boundaries of online corporate training and business support and to set a new standard for such efforts. Maestro's client list includes firms such as Facebook, Johnson and Johnson, Stryker and Dannon, among others. Growing 111 percent in 2011 and creating 30-plus apps in 2011 alone, most of which are proprietary, the firm was named one of 50 Companies to Watch by the Edward Lowe Foundation in 2010 and was a winner of a Main Street USA Best Small Business Award.

Breakout #1: Leaders LOVE Yoga

Leaders love yoga because it is the perfect showcase for merging strength, flexibility, discipline
and balance to achieve inner peace. those attributes are also among the most decisive factors in a
leader’s make up. the similarities of yoga and leadership are most apparent at the intersection of
self awareness and self discipline. Being the best leader you can be depends on knowing and caring
for yourself, surrounding yourself with the right advisors, developing patience and trust, learning to
pace yourself and knowing your limits—and how to compensate for your limitations. Join us in this
invigorating examination of why many look to yoga for a better understanding of how to optimize
leadership qualities.

Breakout #2: Culture by Design

If you believe company culture grows spontaneously and largely independently of leadership, you
are half right. Of course this may happen, but only after a leader, guided by a vision of what his or
her company is becoming, makes some intentional decisions. In Maestro’s case, these were choices
about values and how to make core beliefs the company’s compass. Judgments to consciously
blend space, furnishings and people into an extraordinary incubator of discovery and innovation
took place. Commitments to create a haven of safety, a climate of humility and a standard of service
were central. Join us in this engaging give-and-take presentation that proves why leaders make
culture, but people make culture work. Come expectant; leave armed and courageous.

Breakout #3: Places, Everyone!

It’s like a battle cry, the precursor to “Action!” But if you are a leader who mistakenly assumes that
everyone has a place, knows it and that it is the right one, the call to action can go dangerously
awry. Sometimes, the wrong person in a given slot is worse than an empty slot. So how do you
know if your people are in the right places? How do you keep pace with shifting responsibilities?
What’s the role of coaching? Join us for this lively discussion and learn the secret of being
committed to core competencies—yours and those of the teams you lead. You may come believing
a leader is front and center as the focal point of success. But you’ll come away with the knowledge
that the power of the best leader is more often felt than seen.