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Volunteer Spotlight: Lester

Lester has had a steady volunteer job through the WMU Center for Disability Services since the mid 1990s. He works with two other people from the center and travels every Thursday to the Seibert Administration Building at WMU. His job is to pick up and remove their recycling. Lester knows he goes there every Thursday and sees his friends "the candy ladies." We can all imagine why he calls them that! You know you have friends at a place when they exchange gifts on the holidays. Lester knows he has a job to do and a place where he is needed. If there is a Thursday when Lester does not go to his job we have to make sure everyone knows or they call us because they are concerned. Picking up recycling may sound like an easy job but staff new to the site tell me differently. They all report that its a good thing Lester knows how to do this or they'd be lost. Keep up the good work, Lester.