Procedures for Requesting Test Accommodations

Test Accommodations



General Testing Procedures

Students who request testing accommodations must pre-arrange with instructors and Disability Services for Students (DSS) at least 5 business days prior to the testing date.

How To Request Testing Accommodations

Students: It is the student's responsibility to arrange for their testing accommodations. Please discuss accommodation requests with your instructors at the beginning of each semester when you present your accommodation card at the professors office hours or at another agreed upon time. A few days before each exam, remind your instructor of your accommodation needs, determine arrangements of time, room and test delivery.

  • To reserve a testing room at DSS, go online to DSS-Accommodate through goWMU within 5 business days in advance of the testing date.
  • To arrange to take a test at DSS, you must schedule with DSS at least five business days prior to the testing date.
  • To arrange for a reader/scribe, you must schedule with DSS at least five business days prior to the testing date.
  • DSS is only open from 8 am - 5 pm, please keep this in mind when scheduling exams!

Instructors: Students are to discuss the accommodation requests with you at the beginning of the semester, and again when new tests are announced. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for his/her accommodations. Requests for extended time and/or quiet room may be accommodated in several ways:

  • Unless you approve an alternate time, exams must be scheduled at the same time as the class.
  • Allow the student to take the test in the department conference room or other quiet area.
  • Allow the student to find an empty room near the course classroom.
  • Allow the student to make arrangements with DSS.

If this choice is acceptable, the student needs to inform DSS as to the delivery and return of the test to you. Tests may be faxed (387-0633), e-mailed to (that is dss_exams @wmich .edu or hand delivered to our office at Woodlawn Place, 2210 Wilbur St. (this building is also where the Children’s Learning Place is located). A member of the DSS staff can return the test to you if you would rather not pick it up. Please indicate what materials a student has permission to use in the testing room, as nothing is allowed unless specifically stated by you.

We have a protocol for tests in our office, if you are an instructor, please feel free to e-mail and request our protocol.

Once a student has made arrangements for testing accommodations at our facility, DSS follows strict security procedures to ensure the integrity of the test. Tests are kept under lock and key, carried by DSS staff into the testing room, and then returned to the locked cabinet upon completion.

DSS will arrange for reader/scribe services if that is warranted. If testing is to occur in the department office or other room, the reader/scribe will meet the student there. DSS needs five (5) business days prior to testing date to arrange for a reader/scribe.

Information About Final Exam Week Testing for Fall and Spring Semesters:

Due to limited testing space at DSS, room reservation will be by first-come, first-served basis.   There will be no walk-in testing allowed.   During Fall and Spring Semesters testing will be scheduled in 3 hour increments – 8, 11, 2, and 5 to maximize the amount of students who can be accommodated. Be sure to inform your instructor that your test may begin at a different time than the scheduled time for the course.

PLEASE NOTE: We only have TEN rooms available for testing in our office. Due to high demand, some testing may need to be done with the professor even if the student has taken every other test at DSS!


Due to the increasing number of students that require test accommodations, the Office of Disability Services for Students (DSS) will offer overflow testing sites for Fall and Spring semesters.

The DSS office overflow testing location will be available at the Bernhard Center in room 113 (Please note that this is a change of locations from the fall semester) for up to 20 students requiring extended testing time accommodations only during the following times during the week of final exams:

            Monday through Thursday:  8 a.m., 11 a.m., and 2 p.m.

The DSS office provides testing accommodation services with a reader/scribe and adaptive technology by appointment during the following office hours:

Mondays through Thursdays:  8 a.m.; 11 a.m.; 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.
            Fridays:  8 a.m.; 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The DSS office and overflow testing locations are not able to accommodate walk-in testing services. Please plan to deliver all exam materials to the DSS office on the main floor of Woodlawn Place 24 hours in advance of the scheduled exam date.  Exams may also be faxed to the DSS office (387-0633), or sent via email to .

Instructors should specify the materials students are allowed to use in the testing room.  Students are not permitted to take materials into the testing room that are not documented by the instructor.  Exams will be returned directly to the department unless instructors make prior arrangements with the DSS office.  

Instructors interested in volunteering as exam proctors at the overflow testing location in the Bernhard Center during exam week should contact Jayne Fraley-Burgett at 387-2120, or via email at .

As always instructors can have students who need academic adjustments for testing utilize conference rooms, nearby classrooms, empty offices for test accommodations.





To Faculty and Students - PLEASE NOTE:

The final exam overflow room will be Bernhard Center, room 113 for Spring Final Exams.

There will be no walk-in testing avaiable and the limit is 20 students per time slot.

Overflow will run from 4/21 - 4/24

Monday - Thursday

The time slots are:

8 and 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Thank you!



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