Western Michigan University's electronic business marketing major was created in response to significant industry and student demand for an innovative business program that would incorporate the business, marketing and technical aspects of electronic commerce. Students who have exposure to both marketing and IT courses will have unique skills and advantages in the employment arena. Students will select either an information systems or a marketing track and earn a B.B.A. with an electronic business marketing major.


Common core

All electronic business marketing students take the following courses:

  • CIS 2900: Web Applications for Business
  • CIS 3900: Business Web Architecture
  • MKTG 2500: Marketing Principles
  • MKTG 3710: Marketing Research
  • MKTG 3730: Digital and Social Media Marketing

Information systems track

Students pursuing the information systems track take the following courses:

  • Two electives from the following:
    • CIS 2640: Business Reporting and Analysis
    • CIS 2660: Networking and Data Communications
    • CIS 3600: Systems Analysis and Design
    • CIS 3620: Information Technology Project Management
    • CIS 3640 Business Analytics
    • CIS 4100 Internship
    • CIS 4600: Business Database Applications
    • CIS 4640 Business Data Mining
    • CIS 4900: Electronic Commerce Development
    • CIS 5550: Topics in CIS
    • MKTG 4500: Customer Relationships Management
    • MKTG 4791: Advanced Internet Marketing
  • CIS 4950: eBusiness Technologies
  • CIS 2800: Internet Programming

Marketing track

Students pursuing the marketing track take the following courses:

  • Three electives from the following list. Only one course can be a computer information systems course.
    • MKTG 3600: Professional Selling
    • MKTG 3740: Advertising and Promotion
    • MKTG 4750: International Marketing
    • MKTG4770: Consumer Behavior
    • MKTG 4780: Special Topics in Marketing
    • MKTG 4790: Marketing Internship
    • CIS 2640: Business Reporting and Analysis
    • CIS 4500: Customer Relationship Management
  • MKTG 4791: Advanced Internet Marketing

View additional information about prerequisites, core courses and electives in the WMU catalog.


If you have questions or concerns related to your coursework, or seek career advising, contact an electronic business marketing major coordinator:

Business Information Systems

Dr. KC Chen
Office: 3344 Schneider · (269) 387-5795
Email KC Chen

Dr. Bidyut Hazarika
Office: 3127 Schneider · (269) 387-6064
Email Bidyut Hazarika


Scott Cowley
Office: 3141 Schneider
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Dr. JoAnn Atkin
Office: 3166 Schneider · (269) 387-6238
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