Eskander Alvi

Eskander Alvi

Dr. Eskander Alvi


Ph.D, Johns Hopkins University,1985

5422 Friedmann Hall

(269) 387-5547


Teaching areas include Macroeconomics, Development Economics and Monetary Economics. 


Research areas include Macro, Development, micro-foundations, principal-agent problems and financial economics. 

Selected Publications

"Sectoral Aid-for-Trade and Sectoral Exports: A Seemingly Unrelated Regression Analysis", with Shankar Ghimire and Debasri Mukherjee, Economics Bulletin, Vol. 33, 4, 2013, pp 2744-2755.

"Quantile Regression Analysis of Health-aid and Infant Mortality: A Note," with Elsy Kizhakethalackal and Debasri Mukherjee, Applied Economics Letters, September 2013, pp 1325-1343.

"Does Aid Reduce Poverty?" with Aberra Senbeta, Journal of International Development Studies, Vol. 24, 8, November 2012, pp 955-976.

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“An Assessment of the ‘Policy View’ in Foreign Aid under Asymmetric Information, with Debasri Mukherjee, Economics Research International, Vol. 2011, Article ID 368131. September 2011.

"Sibling Differences in School Attendance and Child Labor in Ethiopia," with Seife Dendir, Oxford Development Studies, Sept. 2011, Vol. 39, No. 3, pages 285-313.

“Weathering the Storms: Credit Receipt and Child Labor in the Aftermath of the Great Floods (1998) in Bangladesh,” with Seife Dendir, World Development, Vol. 39, No. 8, August 2011, p 1398-1409.

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"Strategic Interactions and Real Rigidity: Complementarity Between Two Keynesian Concepts," Southern Economic Journal, January 1993.

"Effort-Inducing Contracts," Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, Summer 1992.  


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