Dr. Deabrsi Mukherjee

Dr. Deabrsi Mukherjee

Dr. Debarsi Mukherjee


Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of California, Riverside, 2002

5426 Friedmann Hall
(269) 387-5544

Areas of Interest

Theoretical and Applied Econometrics, Applied development economics and applied international economics


Dr. Mukherjee teaches various econometrics courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels. She teaches a Ph.D. level econometric theory course (econ 670) which involves panel data analysis, as well as various cross-sectional analyses with special emphasis on nonlinear modeling. Dr. Mukherjee also teaches econometric theory workshop (econ 699) for graduate students occasionally. She teaches undergraduate econometrics (econ 409), a capstone course for economics majors at WMU. Dr. Mukherjee also teaches principles of microeconomics, principles of macroeconomics, and economic development from time to time, at the undergraduate level. 


Dr. Mukherjee’s research includes nonparametric modeling, panel data analysis, and variable-selection-problems in econometrics. Her research also includes applications of econometrics for analyzing issues related to foreign-aid, health in developing countries, and immigration.  

Selected Publications

“The Empirics of Health-aid, Education and Infant Mortality: A Semiparametric Study” with E. T. Kizhakethalackal, Applied Economics 2013, Vol. 45, Issue 22.

“Quantile Regression Analysis of Health-aid and Infant Mortality: A Note” with E.T. Kizhakethalackal and E. Alvi. Applied Economics Letters, 2013, Vol. 20 (13).

“The J-curve for the Relationship between Pollution Abatement Expenditure and Income per capita: A New Empirical Investigation from US Regional Data”, with M. Das, Applied Econometrics and International Development, 2011, 11(2).

“Monpsony’ in the Market for Nurses? A Semiparametric Note”, Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies, 2011, 11(2).

“Exchange-Rate Volatility and Trade: A Semiparametric Approach” with S. Pozo, Applied Economics, 2011, Vol. 43 (13).

"Semiparametric Binary Regression Models under Shape Constraints with an Application to Indian Schooling Data" with M. Banerjee and S. Mishra, Journal of Econometrics 2009, 149(2).

"Foreign Aid, Growth, Policy and Reform" with E. Alvi and E. K. Shukralla, Economics Bulletin, 2008, Vol. 15(6).

"Aid, Policies and Growth in Developing Countries: A New Look at the Empirics" with E. Alvi and E. K. Shukralla, Southern Economic Journal, 2008, 74(3).

"Do Patent Protection and Technology Transfer Facilitate R & D in Developed and Emerging Countries? A Semiparametric Study" with E. Alvi and A. Eid, Atlantic Economic Journal, 2007, Vol. 35.

"Do Income and Education Really Affect HIV and AIDS in India? A Critical Note", Indian Journal of Economics and Business, 2007, Vol. 6(1).

"Is the Rate of 'Convergence' Always Constant? Some Empirical Evidence from Sector Level Data in 56 Countries, 1975-99", Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies, 2006, Vol. 6(2).

"A Note on Polio Count: Some Empirical Evidence from India", Applied Econometrics and International Development, 2006, Vol. 6(3).

"Feasible Estimation of Nonparametric Generalized Random Effect Model: An Application", Journal of Quantitative Economics, 2006, Vol. 4(1).

"New Economic Reform and Sector-wise Convergence of Indian States", Indian Journal of Economics and Business, 2006, Vol. 5(1).

"Nonparametric Sharpe Ratio" with A. Ullah, Journal of Quantitative Economics, 2004, Vol. 2(2).

"Consistent Estimation of Regression Coefficients in Replicated Data with Non-Normal Measurement Errors" with Shalabh and A. Ullah, Annals of Economics and Finance, 2001, Vol. 2.  


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