Donald Alexander

Donald Alexander

Dr. Mark Wheeler


Ph.D., Univeristy of Kentucky, 1985

5453 Friedmann Hall

(269) 387-5563

Areas of Interest

Monetary Economics; Macroeconomics; and Applied Econometrics


Macroeconomics at the principles, intermediate, and graduate levels; Monetary economics at the graduate level; Econometrics at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 


The Impact of Output and Exchange Rate Volatility on Fixed Private Investment; The Impact of Housing Market Disturbances on the U..S. Financial System; and The Impact of US Monetary Policy Shocks on Japan 

Selected Publications

"U.S. and European Stock Market Crashes: Any Evidence of Interdependence?," International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance, 2011, with Rajeev Sooreea.

"A Dynamic Analysis of the Determinates of the U.S. Current Account Deficit," Applied Financial Economics, November-December 2010, with Rajeev Sooreea.

"The Impact of Monetary Policy Changes in a Global Economy: Evidence from Bangladesh, " Global Journal of Finance and Economics, September 2009, with Sayera Younus.

"Does Real Exchange Rate Volatility Affect Foreign Direct Investment? Evidence from Four Developed Economies," The International Trade Journal, April-June 2008, with Abdur R. Chowdhury.

"An Empirical Analysis of the European Union's Impact on Spanish Economic Performance," Applied Economics, June 2001, with Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes.

"Exchange-Rate Uncertainty and Dollarization: A Structural Vector Error Correction Approach to Estimating Money Demand," Applied Financial Economics, December 2000, with Susan Pozo.

"The Velocity of U.S. M2 in the 1990s: Some Further Evidence," Applied Economics, September 1999, with Abdur R. Chowdhury.

"The Macroeconomic Impacts of Government Debt: An Empirical Analysis of the 1980s and 1990s," Atlantic Economic Journal, September 1999.

"Expectations and the Black Market Premium," Review of International Economics, May 1999, with Susan Pozo.

"Is the World Economy More Integrated Today than a Century Ago?," Atlantic Economic Journal, June 1997, with Susan Pozo.

"Oil Price Shocks and Employment: The Case of Ohio Coal Mining," Energy Economics, July 1996, with John Hoag.

"Money, Income, and Exchange Rate Regimes: Evidence from the U.K." Atlantic Economic Journal, June 1995.

"Should Class Attendance be Mandatory?" The Journal of Economic Perspectives, Summer 1994, with John Hoag and M. Neil Browne.

"The Housing Market, Macroeconomic Activity, and Financial Innovation: An Empirical Analysis of U.S. Data," Applied Economics, November 1993, with Abdur R. Chowdhury.

"The Role of Economic Growth in the Fertility Transition in Western Europe: Econometric Evidence," Economica, November 1992, with C. R. Winegarden..

"Causality In The United Kingdom: Results from an Open Economy?" Eastern Economic Journal, October-December 1991.



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