Student Success Seminars

The College of Education and Human Development at Western Michigan University is in the distinct position to offer programs in six varying departments with one focus: to enhance the human condition. Using this as an advantage, the Student Success and Retention Office will offer a combination of student-led and staff-led seminars related to the holistic development of our students.

Upcoming events

September 21: Multicultural Meet and Greet.

October 19: T10 (Talented Tenth) Diversity Hot Topic. Hosted by Black Student Union.

October 29: Success Seminar: FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). Hosted by the Student Success Office.

If your College-affiliated registered student organization or community organization would like to host a seminar, please contact Melissa Holman.

Academic success programs calendar

In addition to the services provided by CEHD's success and retention office, view other available student success services in the College of Arts and Sciences.