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Teacher and Administrator Certification

Teacher and Administrator Certification



Administrative rules for teacher certification changing

Beginning September 1, 2013 the administrative rules for teacher certification will be changing. This will affect all levels of certification. The changes have been updated on our website and can be viewed at the Certified Teachers tab.

Please be aware that the reading diagnostic course will still be required to go from Provisional to Professional and here at WMU this course is LS 5160 Professional Symposium in Reading.

If your certificate is expiring BEFORE September 1, 2013 you will be renewing or applying for your certificate under the current rules, which is also listed at the certified teachers tab.

Michigan law requires that a person employed in an elementary or secondary school with instructional responsibilities shall hold a certificate, permit or vocational/authorization valid for the positions to which he is assigned. This is to foster the educational achievement of all Michigan youth and adults, Pre-K through 12th grade, by ensuring that all professional school personnel complete quality preparation and professional development programs which meet standards established by the Michigan Legislature and the State Board of Education.

WMU’s Certification Office is here to assist you with the application process and aid in preparing you for recommendation for certification.

If you currently hold a bachelors degree and are seeking initial teacher certification, please view the Post-Baccalaureate Certification Process.

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