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Self help hints

Self-helpConnecting and disconnecting equipment:
If you must move equipment, always have all equipment turned off before disconnecting and connecting any piece of the equipment.

Don't lose work:
Remember to save often. Saving every completed page or at least every 30 minutes is a good idea.

If a piece of equipment (floppy drive, CD-ROM, printer) is not working:
Note any error messages. Shutdown (turn off) all attached hardware (computer, monitor, local printer...) and check for any loose cables. Wait 30 seconds and turn everything back on.

If an application (Word, Excel, Acrobat) keeps quitting or is not working:
Note any error messages and what you were doing when the crash occurred. Restart the computer and try again. Remember to save often.

Unable to connect to the network (Internet Explorer, Firefox, ECS, Novell server, GroupWise, Banner):
Note any error messages (write them down if need be). Try some of the other network programs or programs which use the network. If unable to connect with anything there may be a problem with the original service. Ask the other users if they are having the same problem. If nothing will connect check for any loose cables to your machine. Restart your computer before calling for help.

Be patient:
Allow the program to start before you double click a second time. Two versions of the same program trying to start at the same time can lead to errors opening both.

Laptop If you are still having problems with your system or have questions not answered on this page, please contact us. For software application support contact the Help Desk located at the Office of Information Technology (IT).

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