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Brandi Pritchett
Brandi Pritchett

Graduation Date: 2011
Major/Program: Counseling Psychology, Ph.D.
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI

Why did you choose WMU?
I was very interested in finding a graduate program that was diverse in students and faculty. This is a very difficult thing to find because many institutions are very Eurocentric and not diverse at all. I found WMU’s Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology and it was exactly what I wanted. Other departments should follow in our foot steps!

What experience has been the most helpful in preparing you at WMU?
The many conversations I have had with my chair and also just talking to friends and colleagues that are ahead of me in the program. The many resources offered by the library and The Graduate College are extremely helpful.

Favorite aspect of the University?
CECP, GSAC, GSOC, and the many other graduate student organizations. I also love full text links to research articles. It makes my life so much easier! WMU is a pretty cool place to be. My department (CECP) has allowed for me to grow and think outside the box. My experiences at WMU have been challenging and rewarding all at the same time. I know that I will be a better person and a better therapist once I graduate.

Favorite faculty/staff member:
My entire dissertation committee: Dr. Mary Z. Anderson, Dr. Martha Warfield, Dr. Charles Warfield, Tony Dennis, Dr, Betty Dennis, Betty Kocher, and Linda Comrie.

Greatest accomplishment in life so far:
Future 4 Teens, Higher Education, and slowly becoming a more responsible adult.

Favorite Movie:
Crash, A Beautiful Mind, The Life of David Gale, Sex in the City, The Notebook, Brown Suger, and so many others!

Favorite Kalamazoo Hangout?
The Wine Loft, Webster's (when there is good music), Charlie Fosters, Zazio’s, and pretty much any place with good food, live music and cocktail specials.

Favorite book?
The Value in the Valley, The Mis-Education of the Negro, The Code to Good Intentions, Race Matters, The Coldest Winter Ever, and anything by Bell Hooks, Joseph White, or Tim Wise. The one book that really made an impact on me was Black and White Styles in Conflict – really helps to build relationships across color lines even though some of the material was a bit outdated.