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Myron Harrison
Erin Burkett

Year: Junior
Major/Program: Special Education
Hometown: Hillsdale, MI

Why did you choose WMU?
The reason why I chose WMU is because when I started looking at colleges, I was torn between two Michigan schools.  One was about 2hr 30min away from my hometown and WMU was about 1hr 15min away.  I liked the fact that WMU was far enough away from home that I was on my own but if I did need anything from Mom and Dad I was still close enough for them to get to me.  I looked at the fact that Western is a major university but has a small campus feel, this made me feel at home since I am from a small town.  I also looked at my program of interest, special education, and found out that WMU started off as an education school so I knew that our education program was a great one! 

Why did you choose the major that you did?
The reason that I choose special education was because I knew I loved working with kids and my senior year of high school I participated in a program called pre-teaching. This program gave me the chance to work in classrooms as a helper for one of my classes each day.  First semester I worked in a second grade elementary class and liked it.  Then my second semester I worked in a center-based special education school and loved every minute of it.  This is when I figured out what I wanted to do the rest of my life.   

One memory from WMU: 
One memory of WMU that is a favorite of mine is participating in a program called Alternative Spring Break my sophomore year.  This program gives college students a chance to go on a spring break trip where you can make a difference.  ASB gave me the opportunity to go to Kansas City and work with children in poverty.  8 other students and I drove down and stayed for 7 days and worked the whole time.  While there I was able to bond with other students from Western while making an impact on children of Kansas City.      

What are your plans after graduation?  
After graduation I plan on finding a special education teaching job outside of Michigan so that I can explore new surroundings.