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Mentor handbook
It may be faster to download the handbook by sections:
Part 1 - Includes the Cluster Site Concept, The Conceptual Framework for Teacher Preparation at Western Michigan University: Reflective Practice and the Reflective Practitioner, Dispositions for Professional Educators, Preparing Reflective Practitioners: Program Goals and Indicator Reference Guide

Part 2 - Includes The Mentor Teacher, The Intern Teacher, Effective Mentoring and the Process for Inducting Intern Teachers, Responsibilities for Inducting Intern Teachers: A Checklist, Strategies for Mentor Teachers: Modeling, Planning, The Observation Cycle, Reflective Dialogue, Elements of Reflective Thinking, Effective Listening Skills, A Final List: Key Elements of the Intern/Mentor Relationship, Supporting Materialsand Some Practical Strategies for Struggling Interns

Part 3 - Includes the University Cluster Coordinator, The Mentor Coachand Other Mentors: Mentor Seminar Ideas