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Laura CiccantellLaura Ciccantell, Director of Admissions and Advising for the College of Education and Human Development, has been selected to receive the Lee Honors College Distinguished Service Award given to those individuals who have served the Lee Honors College students tirelessly and with distinction.
Wed November 16

MakeadifferenceThree College of Education and Human Development staff members, Anthony Helms, Academic Advisor; Roxann Swank, Office Coordinator, TRiO FESP; and M'Myia Hughes, Program Services Coordinator, TRiO FESP, all received the semi-annual WMU Make a Difference award. They will be honored at a reception on Dec 5 at 2 p.m.
Wed November 16

TRiO FESP Adventure Education Team Building Day

Adventure Education

On August 23rd the TRiO Future Educator Success Program (FESP) staff and students engaged in a unique leadership development opportunity at Camp Eberhart. It was a nice, late summer day and excitement filled the air.  The drive to Camp Eberhart was filled with curiosity and anticipation. Camp Eberhart is located west of Three Rivers, Michigan and is roughly about an hour drive from Western Michigan University.

Upon arrival, staff and students began the session with an ice-breaker designed to increase name recognition and team building skills. After the initial ice breaker, it was time to take on the ropes course or climbing challenge, and everyone had the opportunity to partake in this activity by breaking up into two separate groups. The ropes course consists of a fifteen foot level and a thirty foot level – most everyone attempted and enjoyed this feat.  The climbing challenge was a combination of climbing walls with different skill levels assigned to each wall. Both courses did not appear to be that difficult for our future teachers and fun was had by all. After both groups had an opportunity to grapple with each course, it was time for lunch, and what a delicious meal it was!

After lunch, it was time for another set of challenges and the group was anxious and ready for more leadership and learning opportunities. There were canoes available for those who wished to paddle their way around the lake and enjoy the beautiful day.  There was also an archery course for those enthusiasts who wished to hone their hunting skills or just wanted to shoot an arrow for the first time. All in all, everyone had a great time and asked repeatedly when could return - keep your ears and eyes open for another opportunity to enhance your leadership and team building skills at the enjoyable Camp Eberhart.
Tues September 13

Advisors Present at Conference

CEHD advisors M'Myia McQuirter, Jessica Hutchinson and Anthony Helms, along with former CEHD advisors Christine Robinson and Bette Ludwig, traveled to Normal, IL in April to present at the Region V NACADA Conference. M'Myia, Jessica and Anthony presented research on the growing role of academic advising to meet the needs of the rapidly increasing number of transfer students within 4-year universities. This expanding role includes conducting classroom presentation and on-site advising at community colleges to disseminate vital information, assisting in the writing and implementation of articulation agreements to assist with the transfer of credits and building relationships between advising offices. Christine and Bette presented on new and improved ways to implement technology in advising offices to meet the needs of the modern-day, technologically-savvy college student. Both presentations received excellent reviews and the advisors were able to attend other presentations and workshops throughout the 4-day conference.

In addition to traditional advising topics, Anthony also presented some of his anthropology research on human biological sex identification with a focus on how it impacts the structure of higher education and, more specifically, how advisors advise students.
Tues June 21

Student Accolades

State Farm Foundation recipientsThe State Farm Foundation made it possible to provide financial assistance to thirty students in the College of Education and Human Development. Some of these students completed their internships in Spring 2011 and the remainder of the awardees will intern this Fall. Awards, valued at $1,000 each, were made based upon the following criteria:

A reception was held on Wednesday, April 13 in Lansing to honor recipients of the State Farm Foundation Intern Teaching Scholarship as well as State Farm for its gift to the College. Legislators from the hometowns of recipients attended this event, hosted by WMU's Development Office. In addition, staff and faculty members of the College of Education and Human Development, student's family members, mentor teachers, and University Coordinators were also present at this ceremony.
Tues May 24

WMU alumnus Richard Njus, discussed new book

Richard NjusA longtime educator, author and Western Michigan University graduate returned to his alma mater Tuesday, April 19, to talk about his book, which is gleaned from his more than three decades in the education field.

As part of the College of Education and Human Development's Distinguished Speaker Series, Njus held a reception and book signing following his presentation in the Fetzer Center lobby.

Njus, an elementary school principal for more than 30 years, wrote the book "Touching Hearts, Educating Minds," which is described as a "story of a school with soul and determination." In an era of widespread standardized testing of students, grading of schools and government mandates placed on educators, the book shares what truly can make a difference. "Touching Hearts, Educating Minds" shows that it's not tests, curriculum and mandates, but the culture of a school in which those are played out that most deeply impacts a child's learning.

During his long career as an educator, Njus has challenged his colleagues to dream and go beyond the expectations of the educational establishment and schooling-as-usual mindset. He taught second and sixth grade before taking his first job as principal in 1979, going on to serve as principal of four elementary schools, two of which he opened.

Njus earned bachelor's and master's degrees in educational leadership at WMU and has shared his deep passion for creating learning environments that touch the lives of students as a motivational speaker and national trainer for school volunteerism. He has led seminars on personality profiles and consulted and conducted professional development programs on leadership and culture development in schools. He has also worked with the U.S. China Center at Michigan State University in the creation of a school in Beijing, China.