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Undergraduate Scholarships

Students working Eligibility for each award is listed below. Awards for fall and spring will be made before the end of the previous spring semester. Monies for the awards will be disbursed with half of the award credited to the student's account at the start of the fall and the spring semesters.

Applications can be submitted between Nov. 1 through Jan. 16. An application will be available soon.

To be considered for scholarships with financial need criteria, you must have submitted a FAFSA application- The federal school code for WMU is 002330.

List of Scholarships

Margaret Isobel Black Scholarship

Jane Blackburn Memorial Scholarship for Undergraduates in Elementary Education

Agnes Robb Bouyoucos International Internship Fund for the College of Education and Human Development

Lofton Burge Educational Scholarship

Lofton and Georgiann Burge Scholarship for Undergraduates in Elementary Education

Carolyn L. Burnett Endowment for Teacher Training

Katherine Pratt Burrell Education Scholarship

Kelly Carman Memorial Scholarship

Dorothy H. and Cora Hurd Charles Scholarship

Patricia A. Chisholm Endowment for Theatre Education

Herman and Erna Muhle Christof Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship

College of Education and Human Development Scholarship for Kalkaska County

College of Education Undergraduate Scholarship

College of Education Scholarship in Teacher Education

Velma and Harry Cotterill Memorial Scholarship Endowment for Student Teaching Internships

Robert and Elizabeth Cutler Endowment Scholarship

Delia M. and Dora D. DeMaso Scholarship

Zora and Frank Ellsworth Scholarship

Forgrave-Anderson Scholarship

John W. and Evelyn M. Fry English Scholarship Fund

Fund for the Advancement of Minorities in Education (FAME)

The John G. and Bertha D. Goodman Scholarship

Alfred Griffin Scholarship

Lucille J. Haines Education Scholarship

Marion I. Hall Endowment Scholarship

Everett L. and Marian Holden Endowed Scholarship

Leon M. and Johanna Bolte Hopkins Endowed Scholarship in Education

E. Fern Hudson Scholarship

Rose M. Iciek Memorial Scholarship for Elementary and Secondary Education

Janet M. Jones

Sylvia Jean Lovat Endowed Scholarship for EarlyChildhood Education

Lucille Abbott Nobbs/ABE Endowed Scholarship

Florence E. and Vernon A. Martin Prestigious Education Scholarship

Beulah and Harold McKee Scholarship in Early Childhood Education

McKinley Financial Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Howard and Mary Pendell Endowed Scholarship

E. Arthur and Lorna Pierre Scholarship

Marcia Vincent and Avis Leo “Mike” Sebaly Scholarship

Samuel Kenneth Smart, Jr. Scholarship

Merze Tate Scholarship

Mabel Blough Thompson Endowed Scholarship

Ronald and Kathleen Wagner Scholarship

Family and Consumer Sciences Scholarships

For additional information on scholarships award by the FCS department please check on the FCS department’s website for criteria and application:

Criteria and application

Human Performance and Health Education Scholarships

Criteria and application

WMU Office of Student Financial Aid Scholarships

Criteria and application

Non-WMU Scholarships

View non-WMU scholarships