The University-Community Empowerment Center at Western Michigan University is a research and policy training center that collaborates with people who are engaged in critical research around poverty and the reduction of poverty and community practitioners and others who are in the business of delivering services to families. The overall goal of the center is to help build up distressed communities, create economic opportunities, empower the underprivileged and move them to action.

The University-Community Empowerment Center and its community partners are working together to equip individuals and families with tools and strategies to advance from poverty and achieve a greater sense of dignity and worth through education, training, and access to relevant resources.

The center operates from the College of Health and Human Services and is part of an overall effort to empower people to help them meet their goals and needs in a culturally sensitive context. The University-Community Empowerment Center fills an important niche in WMU and addresses the University’s strategic goal as a public research university by fostering both discovery and community engagement.