Printing and Material Deposition

  • K-Proofer (Gravure&Flexo)
  • FujiFilm Dimatix material printer
  • Flexo hand proofers
  • Screen Printer MSP-485 w/ Ulign IV vision
  • Spin coater (2,000-10,000 rpm), two steps
  • PC Labview operated NIMA dip-coater
  • Hitachi-4 (Thermal Evaporator) Metal, Al, Au etc.
  • Cylindrical Laboratory Coater
  • Mosier Proofing Press
  • Prufbau Proofing Press
  • Cerutti Rotogravure Press (4 units)
  • Comco Narrow Web Flexo Press (3 units)
  • High Speed Coater (4000 fpm, 40 in)
  • Kasper/Quintel 2001C Contact/Proximity Mask Aligner
  • Hot filament CVD (atmospheric quartz tube reactor for carbon films)
  • Microwave Plasma (2.56 GHz) CVD (PECVD-60-M, TEK-VAC Industries, Inc.)
  • RF (13.56 MHz) Plasma CVD (PECVD-60-R, TEK-VAC Industries, Inc.)

Printability evaluation and substrate characterization

  • ImageXpert, Verity IA and Image Pro Plus Image Analysis
  • Datacolor, X-Rite and GretagMacbeth Spectrophotometers
  • Tobias Mottle Tester
  • Atlas Weatherometer
  • BYK Gardner Multi-angle gloss meter
  • Emveco 210A stylus profilometer
  • Verity smoothness tester
  • Parker Print Smoothness and Air Permeability tester
  • Emco Ultrasonic Penetrometer

Electrical Measurement

  • Keithly 6517A Electrometer-High Resistance Meter (peta-ohm capability)
  • Keithly 8009 High-Resistance High-Voltage Test Chamber
  • Agilent 4338B Milliohm, 1kHz Complex Impedance Measurement
  • Extech 380560 DC Milliohm Meter
  • Keithly 2602 Dual-Channel System Source-Meter , 4-point I-V measurement
  • PC Labview operated Keithley 2400 electrometer
  • Agilent 3458A, High precision 8.5 digit multimeter
  • Agilent E4980A High Precision LCR Meter, 20 Hz to 2 MHz

RF/RFID Measurement

  • Two 10’ x 10’ RF screen rooms
  • Agilent 4396B network/spectrum/impedance analyzer 1.8 GHz
  • Agilent 4395B network/spectrum analyzer 500 MHz
  • Diamond Engineering DAMS5000 Antenna Measurement System
  • Tektronix RSA3303A DC-3 GHz Real Time Spectrum Analyzer
  • Tektronix NetTek Analyzer Portable Platform with NetTek Transmitter Tester
  • RF Signal Generator up to 2.2 GHz
  • RF Signal Generator up to 990 MHz
  • Tektronix DPO4104 Oscilloscope, 4 channel, 1 GHz
  • One Alien Technology RFID Demonstration Kit
  • One Matrics/Symbol RFID Demonstration Kit
  • Multiple RFID/ISM Band Antennas antenna
  • Numerous RFID tags (Alien I, D, and squiggle tags and Matrics tags)
  • Versatruss 10” box-truss portable structure for antenna/reader mounting

Material Characterization

  • TA Instruments Rheometrics Stress Rheometer AR2000
  • Particle Size Analyzer (Nicom 370 and Accusizer 770)
  • Perkin-Elmer Differential Scanning Calorimetry Pyris 1 DSC
  • Rheometric Scientific Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis DMTA V
  • TA Instruments Thermal Gravimetric Analysis Q500
  • Raman spectrometer (Solution # 633) He/Ne 633 nm
  • OceanOptics HR2000 fiber-optics UV-Vis spectrometer

Surface Characterization

  • First Ten Angstroms Dynamic Contact Angle Analyzer FTA200
  • Dynamic surface tension analyzer SensaDyne
  • Krüss Tensiometer K10T (plate/ring)
  • Micromeritics Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter AutoPore IV
  • Micromeritics Surface area and porosity analyze TriStar
  • White Light Interferometry WYKO RST-Plus
  • Atomic Force Microscopy Autoprobe CP (Thermomicroscopes now Veeco) with possibility of contact and non-contact mode scanning, friction force microscopy, ultrasonic force microscopy, magnetic force microscopy, force distance analysis and local electrical conductivity testing
  • Optical microscope Olympus model PME (1500x) with CCD camera


  • Terra Universal Inc. Series 100 Acrylic Glove Box
  • Environmental Test Chamber Caron 6030 (humidification and refrigeration capabilities)
  • Cole Parmer Clean Room Oven (40-250 °C)
  • Fusion UV system I 300 MB
  • Fourdrinier Paper Machine



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