Materials Registry for Printed Electronics

Western Michigan University (WMU) has received an award from FlexTech Alliance to create an online database for accessing technical information on functional materials used in manufacture of printed and flexible electronics.

Entries to the database include relevant non-proprietary information:

  • about the material itself (e.g., powder, dispersion, ready to use formulation, viscosity, electrical and optical properties, particle loading levels, formulation, etc.)
  • information on processing and deposition method (inkjet, gravure, flexo, screen, spin coating, etc.)
  • information on curing conditions, and any special information that might be relevant for a given end application.
  • Each entry will also need to specify the analytical methods used for data collection of the material's properties.

For a demonstration of the database capabilities, please click here.

For more information please contact:

Erika Rebrosova
Western Michigan University
4601 Campus Dr., A-217, Kalamazoo, MI 49008
Phone: 269-276-3103
Fax: 269-276-3501


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