CAViDS Day Conference July 25, 2012

Following are some of the observations by participant companies about the CAViDS conference:
Mr. Thomas Chimner,  Global MSA CoE Manager - Vehicle Group, Eaton Corporation
I was impressed with the level of interest by the attendees.  The technical interaction between the professors, students and industry members was outstanding. Internally we were excited to learn more about several of your advanced research projects. Your advancements in fatigue sensing technology have immediate application for us to better monitor crack growth rates during testing, as example.  I also came away from the event feeling the university is creating a new class of industry ready engineers. Students that have a strong foundation rooted in theory but also understand how to apply this knowledge to solve real world industry problems.  I am look forward to continuing our partnership with CAViDS to advance our capabilities within Eaton and learn about more exciting new technologies we can use today.

WMU/EATON CHEAR Lab Opening Ceremony Oct. 7, 2010

The Opening Ceremony of the CAViDS Hybrid Electric Applied Research (CHEAR) Lab will be on Thursday, October 7th, 2010.

The brand new lab has been developed with a funding support from EATON Corporation and Western Michigan University and will be established as a premier battery and hybrid electric vehicle drive testing facility in the western Michigan area. We are proud to be home to this unique lab.

Connect Academic Rigor to Industry Needs Apr. 12, 2010

John Bair, Executive Director of CAViDS, spoke to Professor Judah Ari-Gur's ME3650 Machine Design I about his CAViDS Consortium project that uses Romax to predict heavy-duty truck transmission operating vibration and noise. Professor Ari-Gur and his students in this junior level class in the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at WMU use the Romax software as teaching and learning tools for gear design. Through such activities, CAViDS helps bring realistic industry rigor to the classroom and educate career-ready students.

Eaton signs with CAViDS for future hybrid-electric drive lab at CEAS Jan. 12, 2010

In a ceremony held last December, Western Michigan University (WMU) and Eaton Corporation, Galesburg, signed a memorandum of understanding(MOU) to develop the Eaton Hybrid Electric Drive Applied Research Lab at the CEAS Parkview Campus. Dr. William Liou, a professor in WMU's Dept. of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering(MAE) and the director of the WMU Center for Advanced Vehicle Design and Simulation(CAViDS), coordinated the ceremony.

Dimitri Kazarinoff, Eaton VP and general manager, signed the MOU, which had already been signed by Lowell Rinker, WMU's VP for business and finance. The result is that Eaton is providing $350,000 for the lab startup and around $300,000 annually after that to maintain a lab where the hybrid electric drive business group at Eaton and the CEAS can collaborate to promote innovative ideas and research solutions.

According to Liou, the lab development represents the collaborative efforts of Eaton and WMU to promote the research of solutions to emerging engineering problems associated with commercial and military hybrid drives at the level of system integration through testing and computer simulations. "We want to use the lab to attract others into future joint research ventures," Liou said.

Liou said the focus of the lab will be on systems integration. "It will have the typical hybrid electric drive facilities, but we're not focusing on any one component," he said. "We're looking at systems integration and how well things work when you put them together. Funding the development of this lab represents a major commitment from Eaton toward that eventual goal and how they see CAViDS at WMU as a viable partner in their long-term hybrid drive business plan."

In addition to CEAS, Eaton, and CAViDS officials, others who attended the ceremony included Daniel Busby, executive director for the Southwest Michigan Council, Boy Scouts of America, and Robert Smith, a VP for Southwest Michigan First. "This coming year is a big year for the Boy Scouts, and we're looking to do some activities with the scouts in the next year," Liou said, "and Southwest Michigan First is one of our CAViDS partners." In addition to those who attended the ceremony, Liou acknowledged Dr. Rudy Smaling, a chief engineer at Eaton, for his efforts in developing the new lab.

CAViDS was formed to provide breakthrough applied computer simulation technology and knowledge to the vehicle industry in the area of vehicle design and analysis. Eaton is a charter member. Other members include Dana Corporation, L-3 Communications, MANN+HUMMEL USA, TARDEC, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

From the left: Dr. Osama Abudayyeh, Dr. William Liou, Daniel Busby, Dimitri Kazarinoff, John Bair, Dr. Paula Kohler, and Robert Smith

Award ceremony for the CAViDS Consortium Distinguished Service Award Jun. 19, 2009

Charles Vaillant is one of the founding members on the committee and a strong supporter of the idea and vision that WMU's university-based applied research that converts known knowledge to useable solution can be more efficiently utilized to support industry product development. This, naturally, promotes the establishment of the CAViDS Consortium. Charles Vaillant is presented with the CAViDS Consortium Distinguished Service Award, which include a certificate and an award trophy. Charles Vaillant has joined MANN+HUMMEL GMBH as the Vice President Advanced Development. The CAViDS Consortium Distinguished Service Award has been established to recognize the individuals who have contributed extraordinarily to the growth and success of the consortium. The award represents the highest honor in the consortium. The award carries no monetary prizes.

From the left: Charles Vaillant of MANN+HUMMEL, USA; William Liou, Director of CAViDS.

CAViDS January Advisory Board Meeting at WMU Jan. 13, 2009

Dale Kwasniewski is honored for his participation in the founding of CAViDS. While with Eaton Corporation, Truck Componenents Operaions, Dale was instrumental in strategic formulation of the objectives, interactive structure, and organization of CAViDS. He was responsible for the inital deliverables from CAViDS to Eaton and the value that they brought. The CAViDS consortium has drawn great benefits from Dale's significant insight, work ethic and organizational skills.

He is presented with the Distinguished Service Award.

sae 2008
From the left, Dr. William Liou, Director of CAViDS; Mark Choe, Dana Corporation; Tom Chimner, Eaton Corporation; Glen Peterson, Dana Coporation; Dale Kwasniewski; Dan Litynski, WMU Dean of Engineering; Charles Vaillant, Mann+Hummel, USA; John Bair, Executive Director of CAViDS

SAE 2008 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Exhibition; Rosemont, Illinois Oct. 7-9, 2008

CAViDS is featured on the exhibition floor during the major annual engineering event in the commercial vehicle industry. Dr. William Liou, CAViDS Director and John Bair, CAViDS Executive Director advocated the WMU faculty expertise in ground vehicles research, and the facility in testing and computer simulations in WMU's engineering college. They also engaged in technical discussion with conference attendees and networking.

sae 2008

Vehicle Industry Engineering R&D Updates Nov. 2, 2007

In this event, CAViDS Consortium member companies' first-line engineers, engineering managers at different levels will speak and chat with engineering students in the college and engineering-bound high schoolers about engineering and being an engineer in their respective companies in the global engineering environment. Exhibition and Displays. Refreshments and Freebies.


Exhibit Session: 2:45PM-3:30PM
Plenary Session: 3:30PM-5:00PM.
Breakout Session (free format): 5:00PM-6:00PM


WMU College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Exhibit Session: Front Atrium and out front of the engineering building
Plenary Session: D109
Breakout Session: Front Atrium

Award ceremony for the CAViDS Consortium Distinguished Service Award Sept. 28, 2007

The winner of the first CAViDS Consortium Distinguished Service Award is Dick Joslin of Commercial Vehicle Systems, Dana Corporation. Mr. Joslin was heavily involved with the consortium ever since the inception of the idea of forming an organization to help the Michigan industry and companies tap into the vehicle engineering resources at Western Michigan University. As the consortium began to take shape, Mr. Joslin participated whole-heartedly in meetings, discussions, and helped promote the birth of the consortium within Dana Corporation and without. He has dedicated his time and effort in the operation of the young consortium after it was launched in January 2007. The consortium has benefited significantly from the outstanding services Mr. Joslin has contributed.

From the left: Charles Vaillant of MANN+HUMMEL, USA; Tim Greene, Dean of CEAS; William Liou, Director of CAViDS; Dick Joslin of Dana Corporation; Dale Kwasniewski of Eaton Corporation; Paul Pollock, Executive Director of CAViDS, Ken Kacynski of L-3 Communication; Osama Abudayyeh, Associate Dean of CEAS.

For more information on the CAViDS Consortium Distinguished Service Award, click here

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