Assessment of Student Learning

Proposals are under development to build a community of faculty to use assessment to enhance teaching and learning. CEEE is particularly interested in creating a variety of instruments to assess and evaluate the performance of students in STEM-focused (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) service-learning activities, and to provide directives to students to improve their future performance. While interest and involvement in STEM-related service learning continues to grow, the ability to assess and evaluate students’ learning and development through these activities has not kept pace.  Furthermore, knowledge gained in this research should find application in assessing student performance in ABET a-k outcomes under non-service-learning environment.

This work will build on the work already accomplished in collecting, annotating, and creating an online library of assessment instruments on communication and teamwork, the Web Based Assessment Library (WeBAL); and in applying and refining a methodology originally used to develop performance measures and assessment rubrics for engineering design. 

Presently, researchers of CEEE are collaborating with faculty from two universities with considerably different student populations in developing proposals on creating, testing, and disseminating assessment and evaluation tools to measure undergraduate student learning and performance in two types of service learning activities: co-curricular and extra-curricular community-service projects. 




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