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CAE Center Information

Mission statement

Provide high end hardware and software services for the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

What does the CAE center provide?

The Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Center is an advanced engineering computing environment for the entire Western Michigan University especially for the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences community. The CAE Center administers seven computer labs and provides services to special labs and classroom network connections on the Parkview Campus. Our facilities include personal computers in a distributed networking environment continually improve the quality of education and research. The CAE Center provides services for more than 3000 computer users per semester at our facilities.

CAE center lab policies

  • No food or drinks allowed in the CAE center.
  • No ID, no computer: Check out before using any computer
  • If a computer is not used for more than 20 minutes, it will be reassigned.
  • During peak hours, print jobs more than 30 pages will be canceled.
  • CAE center location

    The offices and main labs of CAE are located at the 2nd floor of the Parkview engineering campus. You can find us at : C222 (Open Lab), C225 (Service Area/Administration), C220, C224, C226, C227, C228, C229 (Computer Teaching Labs)

    CAE staff

    CAE Director - (269) 276-3276

    Christopher Rand

    CAE Assistants - (269) 276-3283

    Jason Pearson
    Andrew Brower
    Renee Shedlock
    Scott Linder
    Tyler Thompson

    CAE IT & Classroom Technology Specialist - (269) 276-3287

    Charles Overberger