Undergraduate FAQ

Undergraduate FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions by Undergraduate English Students

Q How do I declare a major or minor in English?

A You will need to come to the English Advising Office to meet with one of the Department advisors who will complete the major or minor slip which will then be signed both by you and by the advisor. We will also go over your transcript to see what you have already taken and explain what you still need to do to complete the major or minor.

Q Can I have both a major and a minor in English?

A No. The one exception is that you can major in English and minor in World Literature.

Q What are the different English majors and minors?

We offer four English majors – Arts & Sciences (literature & language), Creative Writing, Practical Writing, and Secondary Education. There are five minors available -- Arts & Sciences (literature & language), Practical Writing, Secondary Education, Writing Emphasis (Creative Writing), and World Literature.

Q Do I need to have a minor?

All students must have at least a major and a minor, or a double major in order to graduate from WMU.

Q What would be a good minor to complement my English major?

A Please take a look at Minors to Complement an English Major.

Q What are prerequisites and may I take them at the same time as the course for which they are required?

A Prerequisites are classes that you must take before you are allowed to take another class. They are prerequisites because they prepare you for the more advanced course and therefore must be taken first.

Q How do I become a high school English teacher?

A You must major in Secondary Education English but you must also enroll in the SED Curriculum through the College of Education. Please meet with an advisor from Education to learn what you need to do to complete the requirements for the Secondary Education program.

Q How do I participate in the Western Edge?

A You can sign an agreement in any college advising office.

Q Is there an English honor society?

A Yes. English majors and minors at Western have a very active chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the English international honor society.

Q How do I do a graduation audit?

You will need to get an updated major and minor slip from the department advisor in each department. You take those slips to your college advising office where they will do a preliminary audit, and help you complete an application for graduation form. You then take this form, along with copies of your major and minor slips, to the Registrar’s Office in the Siebert Administration Building.


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